Wednesday, September 26, 2012

5 for Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!! I wanted to share 5 upcoming happenings with you local readers. 

1. Thursday, Sept 27 is the day!! The Monkey Exchange's Consignment Sale is from 9am-8pm at North Hills Club Ballroom which is at 4824 Yadkin Drive, Raleigh 27609. My sister, Jenny is the one who runs The Monkey Exchange, she and her girlfriend, Ameshia.

It is sure to be a fun day of shopping the finest, gently used clothing and accessories from the best children's specialty shops and boutiques!!

And bring the kids on Thursday. There is free babysitting across the hall from 9am-12noon.

And if you can't make it Thursday, come Friday from 9am-12noon. All clothes will be marked 20% off then since Friday is the last day of the sale.

2. Anyone gotten free coffee at McDonald's this week? Triangle area McDonald's will be giving away free small cups of their premium roast McCafe coffee thru Saturday, Sept 29. No coupon or purchase required.

3. This weekend, Friday thru Sunday, the International Festival will be going on at the Raleigh Convention Center. Anyone ever gone? Looks like such a fun time of music, crafts, food and culture from around the world. Since Jonathan is from Guatemala and Daniel is from Ethiopia, we are hoping to go on Sunday. My Anna made th above graphic for her ipod. . .so sweet.

4. I have a Meal Planning and Freezer Cooking Class coming up on Tues, Oct 16. 

My goal is for you to go from overwhelmed and frustrated (I have so been there) to empowered and confident, to equipped when you hear the question, "What's for dinner?"

All detalis and registration can be found HERE.

My next Meal Planning and Freezer Cooking Class will not be until Feb 2013 so now is a good time to come.

5. Winner of the U-Neeks Card Packs from DaySpring is:
I'm going to encourage my husband. He's really busy with work and I need to let him know how much I appreciate him. I also just got back from a weekend away with my bestie so I left him with the 4 kids. He certainly need some encouragement!
Lori, email me your snail mail address and I will pass it on to DaySpring!!

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  1. We went to the International Festival back in 2000, when we were courting! We had a great time and that is where we got the inspiration for our wedding bands.

    1. now I am really curious what is on your wedding bands :)


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