Thursday, September 20, 2012

Another Way to Cut Your Grocery Bill

Well, here is one way to cut your grocery bill.

Yes, you read correctly, 5-6 SQUIRRELS!!!

I really have no words. But this is my life with a teenage boy. His interests could be worse.

Anything is good with cheese and fried onion rings on it, right!!?????

For those who want to know more of the story:

My son loves his BB gun and hunting. He woke up early Saturday morning and hunted 6 squirrels. He skinned them and gutted them all by himself. He spread all the furs out on a piece of wood and nailed them taut and then covered them with salt. He is drying the furs so he can make some winter gloves out of them. He learned all about drying furs on Youtube.

Then that afternoon, our neighbor, Frank and David prepared and cooked squirrel casserole. 

And then the best part. . . we all (yes all, even me) got to eat squirrel casserole for dinner. I think I should get Mother-Of-The-Year award for that. 

It actually wasn't bad. Several at the dinner table went back for seconds saying it reminded them of pork. But I just could not get over the fact that I was eating squirrel. 

So, if your are feeling brave, and want to save on groceries. . . grab your BB gun and hunt down your dinner this week :)

On a side note:

Rob and I often pray that our kids will have other adults in their lives who will invest in them and teach them things, especially things we could never pass on. We are thankful for Mr. Frank who taught David to skin and gut small animals and passed on his love of cooking to our son. Skinning and gutting animals nor cooking are something Rob and I know well. 

On another side note:

If you need some other ways to cut your grocery bill, I am hosting a couponing class this coming Tuesday, Sept 25 and still have space. Details and registration can be found HERE.


  1. This is just plain gross. I could have gone all my life with out this! Eating rodents=NASTY. In some metro areas, this is illegal! Shooting of any type gun is prohibited in certain areas.

  2. David would be Bryce's hero and loves catching squirrels in a trap, hasn't been able to shoot them yet. You go girl for eating this. I still have a hard time eating venison, I'm sure I would feel the same about squirrel.

  3. Su, what can I say? You are awesome! My sister has had this crazy squirrel at her house for a long time that they can't get rid of. Maybe David can come and 'kill two squirrels with one stone'. How did it taste?

  4. I thought it was a joke at first - you know, one of those "old southern" recipes or, you are a brave woman! :-) I love that your son wasn't just shooting the squirrels for the fun of it though, and actually did something with his "kill". That's what "good" hunters do. How proud you must be of him for acquiring responsible hunting skills!

  5. Our youngest used a bow and arrow and sat on the roof outside his bedroom window to hunt his squirrels. He then had to call his grandmama to learn how to skin them, she used to hold their feet while her brothers skinned them. No one was fond enough of the squirrel as food for it to be encouraged. My husband now traps them and releases them in the woods.

  6. Good job, release not kill or eat!!!!!!!!!

  7. definitely Mother of the YEAR award for this one!!

  8. UMMM. Part of me think that is pretty cool and the other...well gross.
    I have been hunting squirrels myself with a hawk. But we bagged the squirrels for the hawk to eat later. Never considered eating them myself!

  9. Hahaha! Thanks Su for the laughs. I bursted out laughing just now in the office. I thought you were teasing at first.
    Love it! Way to go David!
    I used to eat all sorts of things as a kid because I had older brothers that would hunt and kill all sorts of animals: squirrels, rabbits, doves, quail, frog legs, and deer. They would skin and gut them on the former light pole turned basketball goal and swing set combination in our backyard and dear mom would cook it up. She never made a casserole with any of it though. Wild game cooking has come a long way:-)
    This is great that David has learned how to hunt and cook his food. I kind of wish I knew how; you never know if we might need to resort back to that. -Wendy B

  10. Bwahahaha! Oh! How I do love the Soutters! P.S. I find it funny that you are squeamish about eating squirrel but eat chicken and pork (have you ever been to a chicken or pig farm? YUCK! Nasty critters. LOL!)


  11. Can I say nicely to warn us next time? Gross:)

    Anne Hopp

  12. Ok, you had me screaming and looking at pictures through my fingers.

  13. You’ve been watching “Here comes Honey Boo Boo”, haven’t you?


  14. no words. Wait, I just can't believe it. LOL! But, then again I'm a sheltered Quaker child of the 70's. ROTFL!

  15. Wow, I must admit I was trying to picture Rob as the squirrel hunting type lol. I admire your son for being brave and creative. Maybe it's preparation for the adventures God has for him. And YES you do deserve a Mother of the Year Award, I'll get to work on it right away ;)


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