Friday, September 28, 2012

Finding the Fun in My Week

Today I am making a list of the FUN in my week. Today I am choosing to note what "lit me up" and "made me smile". Today I am choosing to remember the joy I found in the little things of my week. 

Because sometimes life gets a little too big. . .and too hurried. . .and too hard. . .and even too mundane. Laundry and bills and dinner prep and dinner clean up and all the kids' homework and all the kids' arguing is not fun. 

But these were the fun things in my week:


I made time to redo the painting that hangs over our fireplace. This painting is so much more than just whimsical decor. This is what the Soutters are all about. And since the recent adoption of our 8 year old, a few of our family's "we do"s had changed so I have been wanting to change the words. Not to mention the fact that the recently adopted child had knocked the "In This Home" letters and the house off the painting.


picture via this Pin

I "allowed" Brooke to make a Rainbow Cake. She has been wanting to do this forever. I took her to the store to buy the ingredients. I let her have free reign in the kitchen. I did not yell over the mess. I let go of being in charge and in control. I let this cake be her project. I felt like such a good mom.

Now the picture above is what Brooke imagined and the below picture is how the rainbow cake actually turned out:

But Brooke had so much fun. And I took note that cooking for Brooke is like crafting for me. She finds joy in it. She gets lost in the process. I mean look at the genuine smile of pure delight.


Anna and I laughed and just had to take a picture when we saw these at Walmart this week:

Toilet Tattoos?  Really?? 

David would probably like this one though:

It felt really good to laugh and be silly and take pictures with my 15 year old girl.


I put birds in my foyer.

Just 2 little birds, but they make me smile everytime I walk by.

So I'd love to hear:

What were the fun parts of your week?

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  1. I noticed the little birds when we were there for the coupon class. :-) They are very cute! Did you paint them on, or are they the stick on vinyl?

    1. Hi Krista-

      Vinyl. .I found a little package of birds in the perfect mustard yellow shade (they had no other colors) at Michaels on sale for 75¢. . .thought, those are meant for my foyer. :)

  2. I pulled out all of our Halloween decorations and put them up around the house. It's my husbands favorite holiday (his birthday is Oct. 29) and he loves to decorate. Each year I buy things on clearance after the holiday is over so each year it's a surprise when I open last years' sales stuff for the first time. Anyway, DH was out of town and when he got home on Thursday night the whole house was decorated and lit up with Halloween! (Yes, I did say lit up, we have Halloween lights like other people have Christmas lights).

  3. thank you for your post. i always look forward to reading your tidbits on life. this week my 9 year old and I bought 7 turkey hats from the dollar bin at target and were SOOOOO excited to find them so we can wear them when our family does the ridge road turkey trot 8k and fun run on thanksgiving morning. It was Sunday at dusk, and my daughter and I were alone ( we have 4 kids) and we had my husband's open top jeep and I was bringing her home from choir. So I put on one of the hats that looks like a roasted turkey is sitting on top of your head and she chose one that was a turkey with a long gobbler standing up on her head and we WORE THE HATS ALL THE WAY HOME in the open jeep. Laughing and hooping and hollering and driving down the belt line and into our neighborhood and wore them right into the house. We laughed the whole way!! It was a great GREAT memory and pure joy. Great moment with my child. and finished as we walked in the house, " Well, I 've never done that before!" and we just howled. :)

  4. Laughed out loud at the 2 cakes – ha ha ha

  5. We laughed so hard at the cake. It was so cute and realistic and how MINE would have turned out too. Love that smiling face on Brook too.
    Hey, painted my foyer this week and I LOVE those birds. WANT. :)
    Are they a stencil?


  6. I like the cake Brooke and I love the smile! -Nancy F


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