Thursday, September 13, 2012

How did you do at Harris Teeter Super Doubles?

Harris Teeter Super Doubles is going on this week and the reports and pictures are coming in.

Clarice went yesterday and got all the below for just $19.  This haul would have normally cost $70.  By combining sales with coupons, Clarice was able to save 73%!

How did you do?  You have any pictures and totals to share? I'd love to see them!

And if you want to learn how to shop like this, I am offering a coupon class on Tues, Sept 25 from 7-9pm at my house in Raleigh.  Click here for all the details and registration. I shop for my family of 7 for under $100 a week and will teach you how you too can cut your grocery bill by at least 50%.


  1. I spent 20 for 115 worth of groceries!! I dont know how to post a pic or I would!!

    1. Way to go!!! A savings of 85%!! Wow!!! I don't know how to post either in comments. If you want. . you could post on my FB wall. :)


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