Wednesday, September 5, 2012

One Thing That Changed My View of Homemaking

The first thing out of David's, my 8th grader's mouth this morning was, "Only 173 more days to wake up early."

The transition from summer to school has been a little rough on all my kids. And me too.

I am struggling to find a rhythm and to get some steam behind my new school routines. I am still tired when the alarm goes off at 5:30am. And I am hustling from 5:30 to 8:45 to get the kids out the door. I am finding that 9am to 2pm is not nearly as long as I thought it was and I am way too ambitious in what I think I am able to accomplish during these kid free hours. And our evening has to be more structured now in order to get homework, chores, dinner, reading, and baths in before bedtime (oh and play too, the neighborhood kids remind me of that , ALL the neighborhood kids). I am working the hardest between 3 and 9pm each day. To be honest, the school year has seriously upped the amount of menial, tedious, boring, physical laborious tasks for me at home.

Trina left a comment on The Intentional Home's Facebook page sharing similar thoughts. Did you see it?

I was sort of dreading the a.m. drudgery and getting back into lunch making routines. Then I remembered something you said in one of your classes. I took a sticky note and wrote "I GET to" (not "I have to") and placed it right above my kitchen sink. Love the way your messages have stuck with me. Those classes are still paying off!

Trina is speaking of my Meal Planning & Freezer Cooking class where I share that for the first 12 years of my marriage I struggled with anything domestic. I never knew what was for dinner. The only thing I knew was that dinner would probably be take out. For more of that story, you can check out this post

But anyway, one thing that changed my attitude towards the cleaning, organizing, and managing of my home was this:

I stopped viewing these often times menial, mundane tasks as something I HAD to do, but something I GOT to do. 

I started to grasp that I create the atmosphere in my home. I finally realized that I set the tone in my home and that tone impacts my family and all who enter. And that is not just a responsibility, but an honor and a privilege.

And so I don't HAVE to make dinner or pack lunches or do the laundry or _____, I GET to. I GET to be the one who creates a home for us Soutters.

I GET to create the safest place in all the world for me and my husband and my kids, a place where we feel loved no matter what, a place that we feel at rest and free to be who we really are, a place where we thrive and dare to dream. I GET to do that. And yes, dinner and making lunches, and doing laundry plays into all that big stuff. For more on that, read my post here: The 3 Real Reasons I Do Housework.

And so at the beginning of this school year, I made a little sign to go over my kitchen sink too (just like Trina). A reminder that I, Su Soutter was MADE to be the heartbeat of my home. I GET to create the atmosphere in my home.
And YOU were made to be the heartbeat of your home. And YOU GET to create the atmosphere in your home.
If you would like a "I GET TO" sign for over your kitchen sink or for your bathroom mirror or your car steering wheel or the refrigerator door, click:
I think I did it right.  You can print out any of the above little signs. This is my first attempt at printables so let me know if you have issues. I can always send the file to you as an email attachment. I of course printed out the rainbow one for over my kitchen sink.


  1. Girl you done went and made me cry! ;) And on a day when I really needed reminding that HE is why I do what I do. I really have had moments when I have just felt overwhelmed and totally incapable of rising to the challenge of parenting, home care and being a wife...and then I recall that class and I hear you saying what is God's absolute truth:
    "You were made to be the heartbeat of your home."
    What an honor God places on us! Trusting Him to keep equipping us, thanking Him that we "get to".

  2. Su, ok, so you hit me in the gut with such a great reminder. BAD day, want a "do over" with how I reacted to my children this afternoon. Thank you for the printables! They are going up all over my house! Thank you for the reminder that i am the heartbeat of the home and set the tone. :) Morgan

  3. I love this!! Great, great, GREAT reminder! I get to, I get to, I get to.... REPEAT.

  4. Yay for Printables! This is a wonderful reminder. Thank you!!


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