Friday, October 5, 2012

$10 off $50 Harris Teeter coupons with Recyclebank

At my last coupon class, a gal shared that she regularly gets $10 off a $50 purchase Harris Teeter coupons from Recyclebank. I admitted that I had heard of Recyclebank, but never looked into it just because I did not want to spend any more time on the computer than I already do.

But oh, man. . .it took me just 12 minutes (I timed myself) to register at Recyclebank and play a few games and earn enough points to earn TWO of those $10 off a $50 order Harris Teeter coupons. 

I made $20 in 12 minutes!?? Definitely worth my time!!

Have you heard of Recyclebank?  Recyclebank is a free online program that rewards members for taking green actions. You take quizzes or you pledge to be more environmentally aware or you play games to earn points.

Below is a 48 second video that explains the program (those of you getting this in email or a reader, may need to click the title of my blog post to be taken to my actual blog so you can view the video. .if you are interested).

You can then redeem the points for coupons, gift cards, and merchandise. My favorite reward is the $10 off $50 HT coupon; it is only 100 points and you can order 4 per month!!  Woohoo!!!

I am so thinking this is going to be a weekly chore for my 11 year old. You simply log on to your account, click the Earn Points tab, and start clicking on the opportunities.Our older kids can certainly do that.

You also get 25 points for each friend you refer to Recyclebank. But that is not why I am telling you about this. I would tell you even if I did not get 25 points. I just wanted to share a quick and easy and free way to get those $10 off $50 Harris Teeter coupons. That is 10 free dollars!!

If you are interested in signing up for Recyclebank, I would be thankful if you used any one of my links above or this one HERE.

And for those already on Recyclebank, are there any insider secrets I need to know? Do you have another favorite reward you always get?


  1. How cool is this Su, just got my $ 50 done! so easy, the articles and information are also very interesting/useful.
    Thanks for sharing and HAPPY FRIDAY!


    1. I know. I just spent another 4 min and earned another 100 points so I have THREE of those $10 off $50 coupons coming to me. Crazy.

  2. I can't find the Harris Teeter coupon? What page is on in the rewards section! What a great find...I am on the Sustainability committee at work so I will be sharing this with our associates! Great way to spread the word and get something in return! :)

    1. Hi Caroline-

      Go to Get Rewards button and click. Then on the right hand side bar there is a box that says, "Looking for something specific?" Type in Harris Teeter there. And then a page will pop up and scroll ALLL the way down to the bottom of that page and you will see the Harris Teeter reward. Click on the View button and you will be taken to a page to "buy" the reward. Hope that helps.

  3. Ok. .I am a little excited. I just put Brooke on there for 15 minutes. . as one of her chores. And she just earned me another 427 points. . that is 4 more of those $10 off $50 coupons. However, I have to wait until next month to get them. .because I see you can only order 4 of them per month.


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