Friday, October 19, 2012

5 for Friday

Happy Friday!!

It is early release day from school for my kids. The 2 little boys are going to one set of grandparents and the older 3 are going to the other set of grandparents and Rob and I get an evening and morning just us. I can barely contain my excitement!!  

But there are 5 things I wanted to share with you before the weekend begins:

1. Remember this post where I shared how you can regularly get $10 off $50 Harris Teeter coupons from Recyclebank? I just wanted to let you know that I placed an order on a Friday and got my coupons the following Saturday. So it took 7 business days. Here's what they look like. Have you gotten yours?

2. Speaking of Harris Teeter, the rumor in blogland is that Harris Teeter will be having Triples the week of October 31-Nov 6. Some sites are even reporting that this time Triples will include $1 coupons too. We'll see. I will be sure to let you know when I hear a solid confirmation. Let me know too if you hear before me. Last time there was a rumor, it was wrong. . the event was a week later than expected and it was Super Doubles instead of Triples. . so we will see.

There is no set schedule for Harris Teeter Triples and Super Doubles, but there does seem to be a pattern.  Here is what the last 3 years have looked like:

2010                                                   2011                                                2012              
Jan 6-12 SD                                      Jan 5-11 SD                                     Jan 4-10 SD
Feb 17- 23 SD                                   Feb 16-22 SD                                  Feb 15-21 SD
Mar 24- Mar 30 Triples                     March 23-29 SD                              March 21-27 Triples
Apr. 28- May 4 Triples                      April 27-May 3 SD                           April 18-24 SD
May 19-25 SD                                   May 18-24 Triples                            May 16-22 Triples
June 23-29 SD                                  June 22-28 SD                                 June 20-26 SD-$2
Aug 11 - 19 SD                                 Aug 10-16 SD                                   Aug 8-14 SD-$2
Sept 15 - 21 SD                                Sept 14-20 Triples                           Sept 12-18 SD-$2
Nov 3 - Nov 9 SD                              Nov 2-8 SD                                      ?????

Notice that there has not been an event in July or October or December in the past 3 years.

3. Consumer Crafts is a new online source for craft supplies of all kinds. They recently gave me mini shopping spree to their site and I was very impressed with their wide selection of name brand crafts, their very affordable prices, and their fast shipping. I got lots of paper lanterns for only $1.27 each. I can't wait to use these colorful decorations in an upcoming photo shoot of my girls. And then afterwards, we'll invite the neighborhood kids over to make these owls. This was one craft Anna did at her craft camp this summer:

I also got these alcohol inks. Make sure you come back Monday to see what colorful goodness my kiddos and I made with these.

4. Consumer Crafts is giving away SIX $250 shopping sprees to their site. You can enter by signing up HERE or clicking the button below:

Not only will you be entered to win one of the shopping sprees, you will also get on their email list. They send out about 6 emails a year with craft ideas and often times free shipping codes. Shipping is usually free for orders over $100, but if orders are under $100, it is just a $8 flat fee (which I love). But if you get on their email list, you will be sent free shipping codes every so often. 

5. So on Monday of next week I will share a colorful craft tutorial using the supplies Consumer Crafts sent me and then starting Tuesday I will begin a new series called Freezer Cooking: the Easy Way.  This is not my freezer. .but will be once I am done with this series. This series is as much for me as I hope it will be for you.

I have finally decided that these all day marathons boasted by Once a Month cookers are not for me. I have tried. I have invited girlfriends over to do them with me. I find it hard to carve out a whole day. . or even a half day for cooking. I also find that I am exhausted after such a cooking marathon and do not have anything to give to my family for a day or 2 afterwards (except for a meal). So I have come up with how to Freezer Cook in 15 or 20 minute sessions. Beginning Tuesday, I will share how to freezer cook the easy way. This blog series will run Tues thru Tues, Oct 23-30. And don't worry, you do not have to have a deep freezer to freezer cook and you do not have to eat casseroles. . you can freezer cook so much more than just casseroles.

So come back next week!!  Happy weekend!!! 


  1. I love recyclebank - thanks so much for sharing! I figured out those Harris Teeter coupons were only available in the Raleigh zip codes...does it have participating locations on the back of your rewards? I live in Rocky Mount but go to Raleigh often so I could still use them, just wondered if it was certain stores or what.

    Thanks and enjoy your date night!

    1. No specific stores are listed on my HT Recyclebank coupons. So you should be able to use them in Rocky Mt. . .or even another state for that matter. Hope you are able to get some!!(I don't remember Recyclebank asking for my zipcode. . but if you need it, mine is Raleigh is 27609).


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