Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Why I Make Time to Freezer Cook

This week I am going to be talking all about Freezer Cooking: The EASY Way. No mention of all day mega marathon cooking sessions in this blog series.

I have only done one blog series before: Kids & Chores so I am looking forward to this second blog series, a full week of blog posts all focused on a single topic. I hope you are as excited as I am. We really can do this!

To start off this blog series, I want to share why I make time to freezer cook even when my days are already full, full! and even when I'd rather be doing something else.

Here are my 5 Reasons Why I Make Time to Freezer Cook: (This is just as much for me as it is for you, this is a reminder, pep talk to myself!)

1. Freezer cooking saves me effort. I strongly, strongly dislike cooking. Well, not really cooking. I really dislike that many a day it takes me longer to cook a meal and get it on the table than it takes for my family to eat it.  And then we have to clean up which usually takes longer than what it took us to eat the meal. So, with freezer cooking, I only have to cook once in a while and get it over with thus saving me time, energy, and effort.

2. Freezer cooking equals a cleaner kitchen. When I freezer cook, I destroy the kitchen less often and thus have less cleaning to do. I dislike cleaning as much as I do cooking. With freezer cooking, I dirty up the dishes once and only have to wash them once.

3. Freezer cooking gives me more time. Yes, getting foods cooked and prepped and in the freezer takes time, but in the long run that time spent saves me time. When I freezer cook, I no longer have last minute trips to the grocery store or unwanted dinners out to eat or like I said in #2, a sink full of dirty dishes. . .all which waste time.

4. Freezer cooking makes my days run smoother. Freezer cooking helps me not yell at my kids or husband. Freezer cooking helps me not to be as stressed during that 4-6pm crazy time each day. Even when I forget to plan ahead or set something out to thaw, I can grab one of my freezer meals and have dinner on the table in about 20 minutes.

This is not my freezer and I forgot where I originally found this photo. I have had this photo saved on my computer for quite a while. . to inspire me. . to remind me why I want to make time to freezer cook even when I don't want to. By the end of this blog series, my hope is that my freezer AND your freezer will look like this.
5. Freezer cooking helps me be more hospitable. By having foods cooked and prepped in advance, it is far easier to take a meal to someone who is ill, just had a baby, or just having a rough day. It is also easier to invite people over spontaneously. Having company over or having unexpected guests is no longer a big deal. Freezer cooking not only blesses my family but helps me bless others.
see this post here for why I made this printable and how the words "I GET TO"
changed my view of homemaking. . cooking dinner included.
Tomorrow we will look at the myths of freezer cooking. I want to get all the excuses as to why freezer cooking will not work for you out of the way. And then by Wed, hopefully I will have convinced you to make freezer cooking a regular part of your life. Even if it does not become a routine part of your life, you could do it occasionally to save yourself time and effort. 

Don't worry. We will start off with very tiny steps. This series will run from today thru next Tues.  A full 8 days of Freezer Cooking: the Easy Way. And this is the post where I will link up each day so you have a place to come back to and refer to all the posts.

Question: So tell me what is the one reason why you would make time to freezer cook? What is the one reason that may just motivate you (or already motivates you) to freezer cook?

Day 1: Why Make Time to Freezer Cook
Day 2: 5 Myths of Freezer Cooking
Day 3: 9 Baby Steps to Get You Started Freezer Cooking
Day 4: Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Muffins that Freeze Beautifully!
Day 5: 3 Recipes that Freeze So Well You'll Want to Triple Them
Day 6: Oatmeal Pancakes. . .and they freeze well!
Day 7: 5 More Easy Steps to Get Started Freezer Cooking
Day 8: Wrap Up & 3 More Freezer Recipes


  1. Yeah! Looking forward to this! I especially want to know how to do this without having a freezer full of brown looking casseroles! We try to do gluten free so pasta casseroles do not work. Looking forward to your instruction on freezing meats and veggies! Thanks Su!

  2. I am motivated to freezer cook by my forgetfulness and my desire to feed my kids real food. Somehow 3 pm comes around each day and I panic thinking they will be hungry at 6. Grocery store lasagna is easy to pull out of the freezer, but I feel like it is so much healthier if I cook everything myself and know all the ingredients.

  3. I freezer cook because there are always, inevitably days when I a) am simply not in the mood to cook b) I have gotten busy with a project that I know will run into the usual afternoon dinner prep time and c) when i don't want to pay to go out - i find that I enjoy spending money on a restaurant much more when it's just my husband and I out on a date and it's "intentional" not simply a fall back position.

    1. Yes!! I want to go out to eat because I WANT to not becase I HAVE to.

  4. Funny that you should do this blog series now. In the last couple of weeks, I've been thinking that I need to research this topic a little and see how I can incorporate more freezer cooking into our life. Looking forward to reading every post. Thank you Su!

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