Monday, October 1, 2012

Words Of Encouragement Paper Bunting

Anna and I made this paper bunting to decorate for the craft camp she held at our house this summer. And I love it so much that I have yet to take it down. It hangs in the doorway between our dining room and breakfast room.

I love the rainbow colors. I love the pom pom fringe. And I love the words of truth on the flags. Color and pom poms and words of affirmation are my love language!! I don't know which one makes me smile more.

I am always on the lookout for ways to combat the negative messages our culture, media, advertising, and even their peers are communicating to my kids about their value and worth. This bunting is one way to combat those negative messages.

Words of love, affirmation, and encouragement are written on almost every flag.

Words to contradict what the world often screams.

Supposedly it takes 4 positive comments to erase one negative comment. 

Here is a whole bunting of 11 positive messages. . .of truth.

Even though the bunting makes quite a statement; I am gonna move it. I feel like we are all so used to it that we really don't take note of it anymore. That is why I like to change our decor often. You live with something so long, you do not even "see" it anymore.

So I am gonna move the bunting to our stairwell. I am gonna diagonally drape it on the wall going down the stairs to our basement and put some rainbow colored frames underneath with the kids' artwork in them. Well, that is what I envision. It may take me a while to get around to it. Perhaps that is how I will reward myself when I get my laundry under control again.

I was inspired by the DIY Compliment Bunting over at the blog How About Orange. There is even a free downloadable file over there that you can print out and make your own bunting. I downloaded the file so I could see what size to make the flags and then customized the bunting to fit my vision. But go over there if you want to make your own; it is a good place to start. 

This bunting would even be cute in a boys' room. Make the flags out of paper bags or brown craft paper. Use red stickers. Use some twine or hemp to string the flags together. Boys need to hear: You are brave. You are strong. You are important. You are amazing. You are loved. You have purpose. too.

Intentional Art, Intentional Decor. . .my kind of art, my kind of decor.

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  1. I love your blogs and ideas! Great idea to put in another place. You have made me want to move everything around in my den, too. Keep up your creativity! Kathy

  2. How simple, but so effective. This would be perfect for my daughter's bedroom to help remind her that, in a world of condemnation and bullying, she has a Father that loves her and made her perfectly special. Thank you so much for this post.

    Super Messy Supermommy


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