Wednesday, November 7, 2012

An Intentional Woman, Art, & Memories

Remember this post where my girls and I made these fun, easy, colorful alcohol ink tiles? These tiles can be used as coasters, trivets, or simply as happy art.

Well, Intentional Home blog reader Carla and her daughter took my tutorial, bought a whole box of tiles, and created their own happy art. Oh, how I love to get your emails and photos! All the below pictures came from Carla.

Carla is going to hang some of these tiles in her living room and is also going to make coaster sets to give for Christmas presents.

But what Carla is the most excited about is she took the extra alcohol ink and more blank tiles down to Wilmington this past weekend so that she and her 89-year-old mother who is in a nursing home could make this hapy art together.

This craft is so easy; it really is hard to mess this craft up. This was the perfect craft for Carla and her mother to do together. The tiles that Carla and her mother created are the ones that Carla will put on her living room wall.

Carla emailed and shared this about her mom: "She is so frail and I do not know how much time she has left, but we can do this together. I'm looking forward to making a memory."

And right there I thanked God for my blog. . .for email. . .for the internet. . .for art. . .for Consumer Crafts giving me a free shopping spree to their site (I gave Carla my leftover inks so she would have more colors to play with). This was just one more way where I have seen God take nonspiritual stuff like couponing or crafting or Rob's skateboarding and do something eternal with it.

Carla is what I call an Intentional Woman. The tiles she created with her mom are what I call Intentional Art. And this weekend with her mom is what I call Intentional Memories.

Do you have someone special you need to create some intentional memories with?

If you want to make your own set of colorful alcohol ink tiles, see the tutorial here.
And I am sharing this post at Women Living Well's linky party.


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