Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I was paid to shop at CVS!

Earlier today, I posted about all the freebies to be had at CVS. And right after I posted, I dropped the little boys off at school and went to CVS.  I was paid $4.89 to take all the below out of the store!!  I made money! All the below was free!

If you want to do the same, here is what I did. It only took me 2 transactions and 3 coupons.
And if you need the coupons, I do believe I have some extra here. You can stop by and get them.

Transaction #1:

Powerade $1, get back $1 ECB
Kotex, $1.49, get back $1 ECB
Coke Zero, 99¢, get back 99¢ ECB
Carmex, $1, get back $1 ECB
Command Hook (these are near the cash registers), 99¢, get back 99¢ ECB

Total came to $5.47
Got back $4.98 ECB plus I got back another $1 ECB for using my green bag tag 4 times. So I had $5.98 ECB to spend for Transaction #2.

Transaction #2:

Listerine, $2.99, use the coupon from 10/28 SS to get total down to $2.49 and then get back $2 ECBS

Advil 10 count (these are near the cash registers), $2.99, get back $2.99 ECB

2 Right Guard deos for $5.98, use the $2/2 coupon from 11/4 RP and get total down to $3.98 and then get back $4 ECB (since limit is 2) to make these free

Charmin Single Roll, 99¢, use the 25¢ coupon from 10/14 or 10/28 PG to get total down to 74¢ and then get 99¢ back in ECBs to make this a money maker

Play Doh, $1, get $1 in ECBs back

Also use all the ECBs from above

Total out of pocket is $6.09

BUT you get back $10.98 in ECBs so you make $4.89! You may only make $3.89 if you do not have that extra $1 ECB from the green bag tag. . .but still, you are paid to shop CVS this week!

These deals are good til Wed, 11/21. I went to the CVS on Falls near the hospital. They were out of a lot of items. I really wanted to get the free hot wheel car, kids' Advil, paper towels, mac and cheese, fruit snacks, kleenex, and Starbucks. My girlfriend said the CVS on Millbrook and Glenwood restocked last night so if you are going to try to get these deals and you're in Raleigh, you may want to hit that CVS. Let me know how you do!! 


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