Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Intentional Blank Weekends

I am sad the weekend is over. It was a really good one. So slow pace and relaxing and fun. And an extra day didn't hurt either.

Rob and I try to be intentional about having at least 1 out of 3 weekends just at home. A blank weekend. Nothing written on the calendar. We actually put an "X" on those weekends on the calendar so we do not say yes to anything. Cause really we could fill up every hour of every weekend with someplace the kids "need" to be taken to or some invitation or having someone over. We both agree the blank weekends are the best kind of weekends.

Rob and I talked Friday night about what we wanted to do on this blank weekend and made a list. That helped so much so that we were both on the same page (and I was not disappointed once the weekend was over). Rob also helps me be realistic in my expectations. I tend to make a list 3 times the size of what can realistically be accomplished.

Here's a snippet of our intentional weekend

-Rob finished a new painting and we hung it in the dining room:

-Which meant these two paintings got stacked:

Which I love the art gallery feel the stacked paintings give the dining room.

-I finished an In This Home Painting for Danielle and her new hubby:

-And I worked on my Thanksgiving centerpiece. . which I will show you later this week cause I want to do several posts on ideas to help celebrate Thanksgiving. 

-I tried 3 new recipes off of Pinterest. 2 were winners. One was not. You can click on the title of the below recipe to be taken to the pin; that is where the below pictures came from. 

-Tatertot Breakfast Casserole. . .a winner! I have been wanting to find a breakfast casserole for Christmas morning. I have tried several recipes over the years and have just not fell in love with any enough to make them a second time. I tried this new recipe this weekend. I certainly did not want to try it out for the first time Christmas morning. This one will be made again! Not the healthiest, but so yummy for a once a year treat.

-Homemade Ranch Dressing and Dip. . not a winner. Remember my post Homemade Taco Seasoning? I have been wanting to make my own Ranch Dip mixture since then because those packets have so many ingredients in them I cannot pronounce. And I love the Homeade Taco Seasoning. But I did not like this Homemade Ranch Seasoning. Anyone have a recipe? The one on Pinterest I tried had no flavor. I kept adding tablespoons and tablespoons of the mixture to the sour cream and it was just not good.

-Jalapeno Popper Stuffed Chicken. . .winner!

-I cooked up several pounds of ground beef and put them in the freezer for the busy holiday days to come. This will make getting tacos or chili or spaghetti or any dish that calls for ground beef on the table so much quicker. Cooked ground beef defrosts so much quicker than raw ground beef. I never stick raw ground beef in my freezer. I always cook it beforehand. See the 3 bags in the lower right hand corner:

-I assembled a crock pot meal on Sat night in the enamel pot and then just took it out of the refridge Sunday morning and put it in the crock and turned it on. That way when we came home from church, lunch was ready for my hungry crew.  I have been doing this crock pot assembly on Saturday nights for about 2 months straight now. Our Sundays are so much more enjoyable because of it. 

-I froze the leftovers of Sunday's crockpot meal for a later date.

-And speaking of freezer cooking, this was an emal in my inbox this morning. It made me smile:

HI Su! I had a recipe last night that called for just a little bit of onion. Instead of putting the rest of the onion in a zippy bag to rot in the back of the refridgerator like I usually do, I thought about your post. So I chopped and flash froze the onion so it will be ready for my Thanksgiving stuffing next week. It will save me some money AND time. Thanks!

Oh yes. We really can do this freezer cooking thing.

-David went fishing with his PawPaw. . .there is now bass in our freezer too. And then the next day David went hunting for the fist time ever with his uncle. . .no deer in the freezer. . . but perhaps next time.

-And since it was beautiful outside, we cleaned up the backyard (still more to do but we got a good start), we cleaned the back gutters and installed gutter guards, we cleaned out our rain barrels, and put the shelves on our grill.  (Actually Rob and the boys did all that).

-We organized our battery box and our flashlight box. Now all the flashlight and batteries actually work. Do you have a designated place for your batteries and flash lights?

-I finally got around to washing all of our tennis shoes from the Color Me Rad 5K:

-And we took naps on the deck. We ate all our meals on the deck. We sat out on the deck and connected. . all of us. Rob and I took a mini date to Lowes and Home Depot thanks to Anna. And then came home and watched Kate and Leopold on hulu.

I am thankful for blank weekends.

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  1. You had a super busy blank weekend - cooking 3 new recipes and all that other stuff is a LOT to accomplish - at least for me it is!

    1. When the weekends are blank and I am not rushing around to get here and pick up kids there then I have time to try a new recipe. . or 3 :)

  2. Your idea of coming up with a list before the weekend is a good one. Sometimes when we have no "plans" we get nothing accomplished because our ideas of a blank weeekend differ! I, too, realize the importance of intentionally UNplanning time!

  3. In regards to the ranch dip mix...try adding some salt to the mix. That is what I did and love it! Leigh M.

  4. My husband is one who is a planner and I think he would love the idea of listing all of our plans before the weekend began, great idea. I REALLY want one of your "In this home" paintings. I have the perfect spot in our new home. Are you still taking orders?

    1. Hi Laura-

      Yes, I still make In This Home Paintings. Here are all the details:
      Would love to see where you want to hang this in your new home.


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