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Wrap Up & 3 More Freezer Recipes

Today is the last day of my blog series: Freezer Cooking: The EASY Way. If you missed a day, all 8 days are linked at the bottom of this post for you.  My hope is that you found some very easy, very doable steps to get started with freezer cooking. Freezer cooking does not have to be a one day burn out or a frustrating experience. You can build your freezer stockpile overtime.

Just this week I chopped and flash froze some green pepper and red onion. Perfect for fajitas, quesadilla, chili. . or even your Thankgiving stuffing.
I made lots of oatmeal pancakes and flash froze them. . homemade Eggos!!  I also put the dry ingredients for the pancakes in a Ziploc bag and put those in the freezer to make future batches of oatmeal pancakes a lot easier. 

And I made a huge crockpot of BBQ Chicken and and froze the leftovers. I'll have to share that easy recipe soon.

What did you do this past week in regards to freezer cooking?  What baby step are you going to do this week?

Oh you were made to be the heartbeat of the home! And the heartbeat of the home is a little lighter and little more joyful when you know what is for dinner, eh?

We create the atmosphere in our homes. It took me a long time to realize that; you can read more about that here and here). But I finally realize and know without a doubt that I set the tone in my home and that tone impacts my family and all who enter. And that is not just a responsibility, but an honor and a privilege.

And so I don't HAVE to make dinner, but I GET TO. I GET to be the one who creates a home for us Soutters.

I GET to create the safest place in all the world for me and my husband and my kids, a place where we feel loved no matter what, a place where we feel at rest and free to be who we really are, a place where we thrive and dare to dream. I GET to do that. And yes, dinner plays into all that big stuff. And thus freezer cooking does too.

Here are 3 more recipes that might help you stock your freezer:

1. Breakfast Burritos

Now remember, I would recommend that you make 2 of these burritos. One to eat now and one to freeze. . .just so you can try them out. Make sure you love them like we do. You do not want to make 3 dozen breakfast burritos and put them in the freezer to discover you do not like them.

Remember that is actually Rule #1 when it comes to Freezer Cooking: Try the Recipes First!! Never make more than one of something until you know for sure it is a "winner." I have learned this rule the hard way. We made those breakfast mini muffins that I saw on Pinterest. . even had David and Daniel take pictures of the steps for my blog. And ended up hating them. We like these breakfast burritos much better.  

2. Freezer Lasagna

Above are my lasagnas flash freezing. Once the lasagnas are frozen solid, I lift them out of the casserole dish. Lift the lasagna by lifting up on the foil sticking out on the sides. I lined the casserole dish with nonstick aluminum foil before I started building the lasagna. This way you can put your casserole dish away for later use; it will not be in the freezer when you need it. . and also it will not take up valuable freezer space.

You could so do this with other casseroles you make!! You could have all these nice blocks of casseroles lining your freezer! A step-by-step tutorial with lots of pictures for this lasagna is here.

3. Freeze PB&J Sandwiches

To make my school mornings run a little smoother and make life a little simpler, I premake PB&J sandwiches and freeze them.

You can do this!! You were made to be the heartbeat of your home!

And if you really enjoyed this blog series, you may want to consider coming to my Meal Planning & Freezer Cooking class. The next one will be in Jan 2013. It will be a revamped and fresh class.

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  1. You have so inspired me with this series!! I did freezer cooking once the wrong way: I tried to do it all in a day and I did recipes that I'd never tried and choked on to the last bite (because I hate to throw anything away). But last week I did what you suggested: I made double of tried-and-true recipes (mostly soups) and froze half of them. I find it easier to do this when my husband is 2nd shift - so I'm only cooking for me and the boys (which is why it is mostly soups, because my boys are 1yr and 2yrs). I am happy to say that I now have 6 meals in the freezer...and 1 cake. I can't wait to try the casserole idea! I am totally making my taco casserole next week and freezing it. Thank you so much for making this so easy! I am passing this on to my readers, because I have many who would benefit from this very helpful series. Thank you for making freezer cooking so simple!

    Blessings from Croatia: A Little R & R:


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