Monday, December 10, 2012

2 Easy, Quick Christmas Surprises for the Kids

Here's 2 quick and easy Christmas treats you can surprise the kids with. Perhaps these ideas will make the next 2 weeks go a little faster for your kiddos. Plus give you points in the fun mom department. I want to be more of a fun mom.
1. Powdered Doughnut Snowmen
Daniel had a friend over after school and we made powdered doughnut snowmen treats. Pinterest told me to do it. 

I did make it my own by making a body to the snowman. We used 3 doughnuts instead of just one like on Pinterest.  All that is needed is mini powdered doughnuts, candy corn, and mini chocolate chips.

We tried to use icing like that which is pictured below but we could not get the icing to stick to the powdered sugar. So we pulled some mini chocolate chips out of the cupboard. I always have mini chocolate chips on hand because we make Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Muffins often.

The only problem with using mini chocolate chips is they do not stick either. . .which is fine if you are making these at home and are going to eat them right away. But if you were going to make these for a school party ahead of time, you will need to figure out how to get the eyes and mouth to stick. I suggest taking a toothpick and making little holes and then sticking the pointy side of the mni chocoate chip in the hole you just made. So put the mini chocolate chips in upside down. You could also just take the supplies to school and have all the kids make their own.

2. Free Printable Christmas Jokes

I printed out these free Christmas jokes from NurtureStore and these free Chirstmas jokes from Over the Big Moon and plan on secretly sticking them in the kids lunch boxes these next 2 weeks.

For more fun Christmas ideas, you may want to scroll thru my Christmas posts. And I would love to hear what you are doing over at your home this Christmas. Got any fun mom ideas for me?

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  1. Oh you make life so easy.....and fun!!!!


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