Tuesday, December 18, 2012

5 Coupon Notes

For those of you fairly new to my blog, this blog started out as a coupon blog. But has grown into so much more.  Early in my blogging I received this email:

"At first, I was really hooked with the 'money' part of the coupon system, but the longer I use my coupons, the more that I see this as a way to contribute, manage, and improve my home. I see why you have chosen the word 'intentional'."

Ahh. . yes, this gal gets me and gets my heart behind my classes and The Intentional Home blog. Grocery shopping is just ONE place we can be intentional.

And so I offer my posts not as "shoulds" or "musts" or "the only ways". I offer them to you as something to ponder, something to get you brainstorming, something to encourage you on your own journey in running the intentional home.

But because couponing is where it all began. . .see I began to get intentional with our finances and grocery shopping and then that intentionality just started oozing into every other of my life. . .I still share coupon heads ups every so often. Here are 5 coupon notes for this week.
1. This week at CVS, when you spend $30 on participating Gilette products, you get $10 back in ECBs. Combine this with coupons and you can get some cheap (or free!) razors. This deal is good til Sat, 12/22.

I bought 2 Custom 3 packs of disposable razors at $9.49 each and 2 Venus packs of disposable razors for $10.99. That totals to $40.96. 

I then used $4 off $20 purchase CVS coupon that printed out at the kiosk, B1G1 coupon for the men's razors from 11/25 PG, B1G1 coupon for the women's razors from 11/25 PG, a $1 off coupon for the men's razors from 11/4 RP, and a $1 off coupon for the women's razors from 11/4 RP. That brought my total down to $14.48.  I had $8 ECBs from last week which brought my total down to $6.48 real money. And then I got $10 in ECBS back. So I actually made money buying those razors.

But even if you do not have the $4/$20 coupon or any ECBs from last week, you would pay $18.48 for 4 packs of razors and get $10 ECBS back which is like getting the 4 packs of razors for $8.48 or $2.12 a pack which is a pretty good deal if you are in need of razors. And I have extra coupons from 11/25 PG and 11/4 RP if you need them. Let me know and you can stop by and pick them up.

2. I am guessing we will see a Triples or Super Doubles at Harris Teeter come the first week of January.
There is no set schedule for Harris Teeter Triples and Super Doubles, but there does seem to be a pattern. Here is what the last 3 years have looked like:

2010                                                   2011                                                2012              
Jan 6-12 SD                                    Jan 5-11 SD                                    Jan 4-10 SD
Feb 17- 23 SD                                 Feb 16-22 SD                                 Feb 15-21 SD
Mar 24- Mar 30 Triples                   March 23-29 SD                             March 21-27 Triples
Apr. 28- May 4 Triples                    April 27-May 3 SD                          April 18-24 SD
May 19-25 SD                                 May 18-24 Triples                           May 16-22 Triples
June 23-29 SD                                June 22-28 SD                                June 20-26 SD-$2
Aug 11 - 19 SD                               Aug 10-16 SD                                  Aug 8-14 SD-$2
Sept 15 - 21 SD                              Sept 14-20 Triples                          Sept 12-18 SD-$2
Nov 3 - Nov 9 SD                            Nov 2-8 SD                                     Oct 31- Nov 6 SD-$2

So I am guessing there will be a Super Doubles or Triples Jan 2-8 or possibly Jan 9-15. I will try to pop on Facebook over the Christmas break if I hear confirmation of this. If you are not following The Intentional Home on Facebook, I would encourage you to do so because that is where I post time sensitive deals and also where I post heads up that I do not have time to write a blog post about. . .it just a little faster for me.

3. Target is offering a free sample of Maybelline's new product: Dream Fresh Beuaty Balm.
This product combines skincare and makeup in 1 simple set and advertises to: blur imperfections, brighten and even skin tone, smoothe, hydrate, enhance, and protect your skin with SPF 30. You can go HERE to request a free sample. I just signed up for mine.

4. So I keep checking in with Recyclebank for those $10 off $50 Harris Teeter coupons. I got four of them back in October and then went to reorder and they were gone. And then I got on Recyclebank this week and it said that those HT coupons were only available to members who participate in their Home Recycling program.

So I emailed Recyclebank and asked how to sign up for their Home Recyclign program.  This is the email I got back:
Dear Su,

Thank you for contacting us. The curbside program is another part of Recyclebank where we partner with different haulers and municipalities around the US to offer points as they recycle in their communities. At this time the curbside program is not in your area. .
.We appreciate your ongoing participation with Recyclebank and your feedback on the Harris Teeter reward. The Harris Teeter reward was always meant to be designated for just our home recycling communities. This was an error on our part for which we sincerely apologize. We hope you continue to participate in Recyclebank as we are always adding and updating our reward offerings.

So it sounds like we will not be able to get any more HT coupons from Recyclebank which is disappointing. So what are you going to cash in your points for?  I did just order a year subscripiton to Good Housekeeping for 125 points. And once I get 2500 points, I see where I can get an itunes, Walmart, or Home Depot gift card. What do you cash in your points for?

And if you have no idea what Recyclebank is, check out this post for details.
5. I was at Food Lion yesterday and spotted this tear pad:


It is a mail-in-rebate for $3 when you send in a receipt showing you spent at least $10 on meat. No Cayman Jack purchase is required. I did pick up a few extra for some of you. If you would like one of these rebates, contact me and I will stick on in the mail to you. Meat must be purchased between 11/15 and 1/31.

Any of you have any coupon notes to share? 

And make sure you come back Thurs; I will be sharing how to get ready for Christmas Day. I still can't grasp Christmas is only 6 days away.


  1. Here's a coupon note to share: Sign up at BRIO restaurant and they will send you a complimentary appetizer up to $17.50 and then they send you a $20 gift certificate for dinner for your birthday. -Mary

  2. Su-
    Thanks for getting the answer on the HT coupons on Recyclebank...what a bummer! I guess we should be happy with the $40 we did get! :) I kept searching all over the website for info on the home recycling program.
    I used some points for $15 off coupons @ Dick's Sporting Goods b/c I was going to buy my hubby a North Face jacket but once I got the coupon it listed North Face as an exception! oh well - I am still putting it in his stocking so he can get some new running shoes he wants!

  3. Just wanted to let you know that CVS has been printing out a ton of $10 off $50 coupons the last few weeks & I've been using them without a problem at Harris teeter. You may already know this. It's made up for the lack of recyclebank coupons :). Same with target, I've gotten $5 off $50 coupons from them too!!
    Thanks for all your helpful couponing tips!


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