Friday, December 7, 2012

5 for Friday: December 7

Happy Friday!  Here's 5 things I wanted to share with you:

1. I have updated my Fun Christmas Events around Raleigh post. Thanks for sending me additions for this list; the list just gets better and better every year because of you. It is only Dec 7 and this list has activities for the entire month of December.

2. I have also updated my Best Neighborhoods for Christmas Lights around Raleigh post. Many of you emailed letting me know that the house on Abbey Lane in Raleigh does not have their lights up this year because their daughter broke her ankle and they are helping her out. But they do plan to be back next year. . .and promise to be better than ever. Check out my post and comments; many houses have been added. We plan to go check out the Lake Myra lights this weekend. 

3. If you follow The Intentional Home on Facebook, you already know this.  But for those of you not there yet: December is Subway's Customer Appreciation Month and for the whole month of December you can get either a 6-inch Cold Cut Combo or Meatball Marinara for just $2!!

We grabbed subs last night. There was no advertisement whatsoever about these $2 subs, but when I asked, they knew what I was talking about. I do believe this is a national promotion because Subway advertised on Facebook about this.

4. I am enjoying this week's gift wrapping ideas from Rebecca over at the blog Older and Wisor. Rebecca's posts have encouraged me to not buy any more wrapping paper (I mean even after Christmas when it is 75% off). I am going to use the wrapping paper I have in the house and then when I run out, get creative. I mean look at these presents:

That jewelry box in the lower right hand corner is tied up with a freezer ice-pop mesh bag! Talk about creative recycling!  This weekend you may want to check out Older and Wisor's post: Use What You've Got Giftwrap.

And here is more creative recycling. Leslie over at A Creative Mint used Trader Joe's paper bags to wrap her gifts. 

So pretty. Check out Leslie's post Trader Joe's and a Little Red for more pictures and details.

5. And I wanted to share some of my favorite Christmas posts with you. You can scroll thru all my past Christmas posts here, but here are 3 of my favorite:

What Do You Want Christmas To Be Like?

Christmas: A Time to Teach Thankfulness

Making the Nativity the Center of Christmas

Happy Weekend!  May it be an intentional one!


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