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Easy Christmas Ornament Kids Can Make

I loved making these easy pompom Christmas ornaments with my kids. I have 5 kids ages 6 to15, 3 boys and 2 girls. Finding something that we can all do together can sometimes be a challenge. These Colorful Snowballs aka Pompom Christmas Ornaments were fun for us all.

my coffee table has been well loved, eh?
This activity had us all sitting around the living room talking and creating. Sweet time together. As my older 3 kids begin these teenage years, I have had to intentionally carve out time for all of us to be together at home. Otherwise, every minute of every evening and every weekend is taken up with activities and friends.

So this past Sunday evening, we made these colorful snowballs while pizza cooked in the oven. And then we went downstairs and ate pizza and watched It's a Wonderful Life which after the kids got over the fact that the whole movie was in black and white, they enjoyed it. But we did have to stop every so often and explain what was happening to the younger ones. . .oh me. . hard to find a movie a 6 year old, a teenager, and a 40 year old all like.
I also liked this craft because there was no mess. No prep is required once you have bought the materials. Just pull the 3 items out and start creating.

I just realized my little boys almost never have a shirt on in my blog post pictures. This post and yestreday's post about marshmallows the boys do not have shirts on. Even in December they are hot. Only in NC.
All you need is styrofoam balls, straight pins, and pompoms. You simply push a straight pin thru a pompom and into the styrofoam ball to create these colorful snowballs. And continue until no styrofoam is showing.

The only issue we had was Anna and Brooke did not want to do a random pattern. Anna and Brooke both wanted to do rainbow stripes; girls after my own heart. 

So the girls ended up needing one more blue pompom or 2 more greens to complete their stripes. And this is when the squabbling broke out. J and David did not want to trade a blue pompom for a purple one. Ugh. But I only yelled once. And only one kid had to go to their room. 

This Christmas ornament making was much better than last year's in my opinion. The kids enjoyed both, but for me this year's ornament making was much better. Remember me telling you about making the snowman handprint ornaments?  In the picture below, you can see the snowman ornament from last year right next to this year's colorful snowball.

This year's ornament making was much better especially for me because my attitude was much better. And really my attitude is what sets the tone in my home. So I would rather have a 6 craft on a scale of 1 to 10 with a mom who has a good attitude than a 10 craft with a mom who has a yucky attitude. I know my kids would too.

Now you could make a loop with some ribbon and make these coloful snowballs an ornament that you actually hang on the Christmas tree. You would just attach a piece of ribbon looped to the styrofoam ball with a straight pin.

But we just nestled our coloful snowballs into our tree. When you nestle ornaments deep into the branches it adds depth to your tree and thus more visual interest. That's another tip I use to make my Christmas tree look pretty even when the kids help decorate it.

Perhaps next time you are out, pick up some straight pins, pompoms (takes about 65 to make one 2 inch ball), and some styrofoam balls. And save them for a day over Chrtistmas break when you all need some sweet time together.

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  1. My little one never has a shirt on either - we have to send up to his room to get one each night so that he's not "nekked" at the table for dinner!

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