Friday, January 18, 2013

Pinterest Told Me to Do It

I want to share with you 5 Pinterest inspired projects I have been up to. Are you on Pinterest? If so, leave me a comment with a link to your boards. I'd love to check them out. And if you'd like to follow me on Pinterest, here is the link. On to my 5 projects. All the colored words below link to the original pin where I got the idea.

1. Anna, my 15 year old, who is on Pinterest too, made the below nail polish holder for Brooke for Christmas. 

My 5 kids draw names and set a $5 budget for their Sibling Secret Santa Present. Anna was able to find foam board, spray paint, hot glue, and duct tape in my scrap room. And that is all that is needed to build this nail polish holder. So she spent her $5 on some new nail polish to go on the shelf. Brooke was so excited.

2. Over our Christmas break, Rob put some curtain rods in my kitchen cabinet. These curtain rods hold my pot lids. I love having the lids out of the way. Makes under the sink so much neater. And makes getting pots out so much easier cause I tend to use my pots more than the lids.

3. Anna and I made this monogrammed water bottle for one of her friends' Sweet 16 Bday.

4. And this is what I gave my nephew for his bday.

A bag full of balloons! Per Pinterest instructions, I put money in the balloons.  To make this fun gift for a special tween or teen in your life, here is what you do.

1. Gather supplies.  Balloons, cash, and a bag or box to put the balloons in.

2. Roll a single bill and insert it in the balloon.

3. Then blow the balloon up.  Do you see the dollar bill inside the balloon?

4. And then put all the blown up balloons in a big bag or a box. What a fun gift! And you could so mail this to the birthday kiddo or the high school graduate or perhaps to your college kid just because you love her and you remember how tight money was when you were in college.

5. And my last Pinterest inspired project is this car trash can. I converted a plastic cereal dispenser into a car trash can because this Pin told me too.

Has Pinterest inspired you to do anything lately?  These 5 mini projects were successes, but I have had my share of Pinterest Fails too. Remember Brooke's rainbow cake and my search for homemade ranch dressing mix?

And one more thing. This is a fun post for me. I enjoy Pinterest. I view it like I do magazines. Pretty pictures. Inspiration. I am an artsy, creative, visual woman. Pinterest is a treat for me; coming up with ideas and creating is a source of renewal and refreshment for me. But if this is not a fun post for you and Pinterest just overwhelms you or makes you feel inadequate, I just want to say, you are good enough.

We women have to be careful not to compare ourselves to our girlfriends, the neighbor, our sister, our own moms, the blogs that we read, or Pinterest. . .because this just breeds discontent and the lie that "I am not good enough."

We women need to figure out what is important to us and then move along at a pace that is comfortable for us. Just because I can do something, doesn’t mean I should. That is what being intentional means. Just because your neighbor did it, or you saw it on a blog, or saw it on Pinterest, does not mean you should do it.

I wish us freedom. I wish us the ability to move in that freedom knowing that God made each of us and gave each of us unique gifts. He delights in the woman each of us is. Go be that woman this weekend.

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  1. Great pins that I haven't run across. I used what I refer to as "pinspiration" for the craft I had our church craft group do this week :)

  2. I hope you post this next week on the Link-up Party! I love the title, too;-)


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