Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Upcoming Classes for 2013

I have scheduled my classes for Jan-June 2013!

As always, my classes are listed on the right hand side of my blog under "Upcoming Classes". And there is also a link at the top of my blog labeled "Classes." Both places will take you to all the details and registration for each class. The colored words below will also take you to the class details and registration.

Couponing 101 will be offered Thurs, Feb 7 from 7-9pm and Wed, Feb 20 from 9:30-11:30am. This is the first year I am offering daytime classes. All my kids are in school now so we will see if there is enough interest for a daytime class.

Here is what one past student said abouy my couponing class:

It means so much to our family that you opened your home to teach thrift and couponing. We are now consistently spending 50% of what we were spending just a few months ago. And that means everything, not just groceries. You've helped us see the light at the end of the maternity leave tunnel. – DH

Go here for more details and the registration for Couponing 101.

Meal Planning & Freezer Cooking will be offered Thurs morning, March 7 from 9:30-11:45am and then again on Tues, March 19 from 7-9:15pm.

Here is what past student had to say about my Meal Planning & Freezer Cooking Class:

Thank you so much for all you do! Your Meal Planning & Freezer Cooking class was such an encouragement to me (and to my family!) Not only do I have meals planned for this week (using your easy handout), but I also spent 30 LESS minutes in the grocery store! Thank you so much. I'd recommend this class to anyone! -BC

Go here for all the details and registration for my Meal Planning & Freezer Cooking Class.

Home Organization & Decor will be offered Tues, April 30 from 7-9:30pm. I offer this class only twice a year. Once in the spring and once in the fall. April 30th is the Spring 2013 date. Mark you calendars.

Here is what one past student had to say about the class:

Oh my WORD, Su! I had a wonderful time at your "House to Home" class yesterday. I came home and immediately started gathering ideas/inspiration for making our sanctuary. Thank you for being YOU and sharing your story with us. I think this is going to be a game-changer for me & my family. -GC

Go here for all the details and registration for my Home Organization & Decor Class.

And then I have a new class on the calendar.  A Mother/Daughter Craft Night is schedueld for Friday, March 1 from 7-9:15pm. More details to come on this. But Anna, Brooke, and I will be leading mothers and their daughters (ages 2nd grade and up) in a canvas painting. One that you will want to hang on your walls. And then we will offer you questions for you and your daughter to talk over on the way home. . .questions based on the subject of the painting. Oh, more to come on this, but it is going to be so fun.

And then classes slow down come May because of the end-of-school-year crazies and then summer hits. June is when Anna offeres her Girls' Craft Camp
So that is my class schedule Jan-June.There is room for me to come to your place and teach a class. Click here for more details on hosting a class at your home, church, or workplace. And there is room for speaking events. But if you want to take a class at my home, mark your calendars!
I look forward to helping you start 2013 with new skills, motivation, and inspiration! I look forward to leading you to be intentional. You can so do this coupon thing, meal planning thing, freezer cooking thing, parenting thing, home managing thing. You really were made to be the heartbeat of your home!


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