Thursday, January 17, 2013

Why Intentional?

Because it is still the time of year to be goalish and resolution-ish and purposeful and intentional, I wanted to share this poem I wrote answering the question, "Why Intentional?"
I wrote this poem (with the help of  few friends) for the cover of the bulletins I handed out at my One Year Class Anniversary which was in Sept 2009. I can't believe coming this Sept, it will be The Intentional Home FIVE!! Year Class Anniversary!!  Perhaps it is time for another party!
I also used this poem to create some fun journals as giveaways at that One Year Class Anniversary!
So here it is. Do you have a "because statement" you would add?
be intentional. . .
because having an imperfect plan
is better than having no plan

because spending less at the grocery store
means you can ____ more and give more

because you can make your dining room
look like a picture in a magazine
and still afford to feed a room full of guests

because you no longer stress
at the words, “What’s for dinner?”

because when all the neighborhood kids
hang out at your house, your heart smiles
despite the extra mess and noise

because housework can go from
being just a set of chores
to being a vehicle in bringing
love, peace, and joy into the home

because not only can you enjoy your kids,
others can too

because your home really can be
a refuge from the outside world

because you were made
to be the heartbeat of your home

because if you don’t know where you are going,
there is no telling where you’ll end up
be intentional.


  1. favorite part: "You were made to be the heartbeat of your home."

    needed this reminder this morning! Maybe you can "Art" this up at turn it into a plaque? Or a printable of some kind? Some great motivations in there!


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