Saturday, March 16, 2013

$1.79 Zaycon Chicken Sale Coming to Raleigh!

Last year at one of my Meal Planning/Freezer Cooking classes, a couple of gals raved about the chicken from Zaycon Foods, a company that brings fresh meats and other products direct to consumers at wholesale prices.

I loved what these gals told me: the chicken is boneless, skinless, fresh (never frozen), 100% natural with no added hormones, additives, or aritificial ingredients. And it was below my $1.99/lb price point. But at the time, the closest pickup location was Durham and I was not willing to drive to Durham.

BUT now I have discovered Zaycon has a location in Raleigh and on the morning of April 9, they are bringing chicken to Open Door Baptist Church on Durant Rd. And it's Zaycon's semi-annual chicken breat sale so the chicken is only $1.79/lb!! I just placed an order!

You do not even have to get out of your car when you go for pick up; you just drive up and they hand you your box of chicken. However, you do need to preorder. I just ordered 1 unit, which is 40 lbs of chicken. Which yes, is a lot and if that is too much for your family, perhaps you can split the box with a friend.

But I plan to just bring the chicken home and do these 4 things. Remember I did a whole series on freezer cooking? Here is a post that also describes what I do with chicken; one of those things is make Cornflake Chicken like Brooke is doing here:

If you want to order some chicken, click HERE. That is my referral link. I get $1 credit for everyone that signs up thru me. But even if I did not get a $1 credit, I would be telling you about this deal.  $1.79 is a great price for boneless, skinless chicken. . especially chicken straight from the butcher with no additives, hormones, or artificial ingredients! I tell you, I only share on my blog what I would share with my girlfriends in real life. (The truth is, many of you are one in the same).

And don't worry, even if you do not live in Raleigh, Zaycon has many locations.Check them out here. I am told that many locations sell out before the pick up date so you may want to order soon.

And I will be sure to let you know about my experience with this chicken. I'll do a follow up post mid April since I pick the chicken up on April 9th. Those of you who have already used Zaycon, chime in with your thoughts.


  1. I just ordered mine! Thanks!

  2. Su, I heard of Zaycon for the first time last week and was asking around if people heard of them before. I am so glad you posted about them. I am going to go ahead and order mine today! :-)

  3. Sure thanks for posting. used your link and just ordered my chicken!!! We need you to post some. recipes or good freezer ideas so we know what to do with all this chicken!! You may need to create another class for us haha. thanks for sharing

  4. I am making some chicken tonight. And I figured out that 40 lbs of chicken is going to = about 60 large boneless, skinless chicken breasts. Once I get my package from Zaycon, I will tell you exactly, but that is what I am estimating should be in the 1 unit box.


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