Tuesday, March 5, 2013

An Intentional Mother/Daughter Craft Night

This past weekend Anna and I made this together:

Because on Friday, April 12, Anna, Brooke, and I will be hosting a Mother/Daughter Craft Night!

This will be a night of creation, fun, and connection, a night made especially for moms and their daughters age 7 and up. Yes, bring that teen of yours. My girls are 15 and 12.

The class is from 7-9:15ish and is only $25. That includes all your supplies. All money raised from this class will go towards Anna's mission trip to Guatemala this summer. For all the details about Anna's trip, you can click here.

Again, here's the colorful, whimsical piece of art we will be making:

Don't worry; even if you don't think you have any artistic ability whatsoever, we will walk you thru each step. You and your daughter will have fun picking out your own colors and pattern papers and painting together. You will leave with a finished project that y'all did together!

The best part of this class (yes, even better than leaving the clean up to us) is at the end, we will hand you a sheet of questions. The questions are all related to the piece of art you just created and our hope is that these questions will be a springboard for some good, real conversation between you and your daughter.

Perhaps you and your daughter can go out for ice cream afterwards and pick 5 questions from the list to ask each other. Or perhaps your daughter can read them out loud on the way home and y'all can talk thru them.

For example, the piece above depicts a relationship between 2 birds. Are they a mom/daughter? 2 girlfriends? A mom and dad? A girlfriend/boyfriend (gasp! that will only be in the teenager questions!)? So one question may be:  What qualities do you look for in a friend? What makes you want to be a friend with someone?

These questions are what make this Craft Night different from any others out there. We want to help you nurture your relationship with your daughter. This is an Intentional Craft Night, so plan on crafting with us and then spending some time connecting with your daughter. Have some fun, but then go open the lines of communication and help prepare your daughter for life. What could be better?

Update as of May 2017: I am no longer in a season of hosting Mother/Daughter Craft Nights. BUT over at my etsy shop, I do sell all the directions, supply list, templates/patterns for this bird painting, and those awesome questions. This bundle is just $10 and will make sure your Mother/Daughter Craft Night is a success.  Check it out here.


  1. Do you have the instructions on how to make this craft? We would love to do this for the mother daughter event for our girl scout troop.

  2. We are planning on using this craft at our Mother/Daughter event at our church. WOuld it be possible for you to email me an example of the questions you used with this craft? We have a wide range of ages of the daughters from preschool -teenage. Thanks Sonja

    1. Hi Sonja-

      Thanks for your interest in my Mother/Daughter Craft Nights. I do sell a PDF file that includes detailed instructions, a complete supply list, templates (the body, wing, beak, tail feathers, and the hearts), and the list of questions for mothers and daughters to talk about afterwards or girls and leaders to talk about afterwards. All questions relate to the piece of bird art that was created. This PDF file is just $10.

      Let me know if you are interested and we can proceed.


  3. yes SU I am interested in the PDF
    thanks Sonja


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