Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Why I Meal Plan Even When I Do Not Want To

What are the advantages to meal planning, to deciding what to eat before it is time to prepare dinner. . before it is 5pm and you are tired, hungry, and overwhelmed???

In my Meal Planning & Freezer Cooking Class
, I ask gals to think ahead of time why they want to meal plan. . because if you know why, then you have more motivation to make meal planning/freezer cooking a reality.

Why to Meal Plan Even When You Don't Want To:

1. Save $ (food waste goes down, no more extra trips to grocery store, do not go out to eat as much). . this is true even if you do not coupon

2. Save Time: Truth is is takes about an hour to get dinner on the table if you haven't a clue what to cook until the hour approaches.

3. Save Stress/Feel Organized/Life is Easier/Simplifies Life (you know what you have, what to get at grocery store, when to thaw meat, you can answer your hubby's question: What's for dinner?)

4. No More Guilt for Going Out to Eat: you go out to eat because you want to, not because you have to.

5. Cook Healthier/Diet Under Control

6. Way to Love Up on Our Families

What is the one reason that really stands out to you??

I am sharing this post again because I have a Meal Planning & Freezer Cooking class tonight. I still have spots open if you'd like to come. Email me and I can send you the details.


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