Thursday, March 7, 2013

Look What Visits Our Backyard at Night!

Lately I have had a lot of girly posts, eh?  I've shared about Anna's Craft Camp this summer and our upcoming Mother/Daughter Craft Night. So here is a post for moms of boys and for your actual sons too! Show the boys in your home (whether they are 2 or 62!) the pictures below!

My David bought a trail camera off Craigslist.  And just look what visits our North Raleigh backyard at night:

1. Possum!

Question to ask your boy: Do you know what a baby possum is called?  Answer below.

A baby possum is called a joey. That is also what a baby kangaroo is called.

2. Foxes!

And more foxes. Do you know what a baby fox is called?

A baby fox is called a kit.

3. And deer!!

Questions to ask your boys:

What is male/daddy deer called? He is the one with the antlers.  He is called a buck.

What is a female/mommy deer called? A doe.

What is a baby deer called? A fawn.

4. And then anyone know what this may be?  A mink? A neighbor's cat?  Anyone have a guess?

And let me tell you the real reason I am posting pictures from my son's trail camera.

Because one way to connect with your kid is by invading their world and letting them invade yours. And fishing and hunting and camoflauge and the great outdoors are my teenage son's world right now. And blogging and y'all are a part of my world.

So the real point of this blog post is to remind me and you that a sure fire way to connect with our kids is to take a genuine interest in their interests. So yes, everyday I ask David what showed up on his trail camera. Not because I care what animal came at night, but because I care about my son.  When I ask about the animals in our yard, I am secretly saying "I care about you, David."

And he talks. That's right; my 13 year old boy is talking to me (talking my ear off to be more precise). Today it is about possums and deer, but tomorrow it will be about girls, or bullying, or friends, or integrity, or whatever deep thing he needs help processing.

Kinda reminds me of Rob and my blogging or scrapbooking or coupons or chick flicks. I am sure Rob could care less about these girly things but he asks, "How did Super Doubles go?" Or he comes home and tells me what a powerful blog post I wrote. Why does he talk about these things that he does not care about?  Because he cares about me! 

So what are you going to ask your kid (or hubby) about today? 


  1. Excellent post.
    Does the camera only take pictures when it detects motion? I'd like to get one of those cameras. That would be fun.


    1. The camera takes pics of moving objects that radiate heat??? So it takes pics of people and animals, but not of moving leaves. It works day and night (infrared lights at night, I think?) Oh, I need David to answer these comments :)

  2. The unknown animal: fox food. :)

    1. wait til I tell David that. . lol. . good one

  3. GREAT fun!

    What trail camera does he have? Why did u choose that one?
    Does it only take pix with "animal" movements?


    1. David got the camera off Craigslist for $50. Chose that one because it was way cheaper than what he was looking at at Dicks and Gander Mt. Yes, only takes pics of animals and people. . not of moving leaves or trees. David checks the camera every morning before he goes to school :)

  4. Really cool pictures - I am going to show them to my boys tomorrow!

  5. Thank you for the important reminder, I will be sure to take interest in my family's interests too this weekend. Thanks again!


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