Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Home Decor Swap Meet Is So Much Fun. . .and I am having one tonight!

At my Home Organization and Decor Class, ladies come with boxes, and bags, and big tupperware containers full of their old and unused home decor items.

All those impulse buys that never got returned to the store.

All those purchases that we thought were going to work, but did not.

All those items that worked in our old home, but not in our new one.

All those unused gifts.

All those pieces we just got tired of, but are still in great condition

fill my dining room!

There's usually so many items that we have to push the chairs against the wall, lean pictures up against the walls, and put items on the floor. The dining room table is simply not big enough and I have a big table that easily seats 10-12 people.

You see that pretty turquoise vase there? The gal who took that home emailed me afterwards  letting me know she painted the backsplash of her kitchen this color. She then used the vase as an accent piece above the cabinets. Dark brown cabinets and this lovely light turquoise color. . .so pretty!

This gal said she had been feeling so stagnant and stifled creatively in her home and then she took this class and participated in the swap meet and turned her home into a place she truly loves.

There are usually no cat fights. . .lol.  Everyone leaves delighted with their "new to them" treasures!!

And hopefully some of those who come "catch the bug". This would be a great "party" to host in your home. . get to know your neighbors a little better. It is so thrifty and so resourceful and so fun and a perfect way to recycle items that no longer bring you joy!

I have a Home Organization and Decor class tonight (April 30, 7-9:30pm). There are still spaces open if you would like to come. We'll talk about the organizing, the cleaning, and the decorating of our homes. And then we'll have a swap meet. 

Contact me if you would like to come to tonight's class and I will send you the class email with directions to my home.  More details about the class as well as what past students have said about the class can be found HERE.

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  1. I still love my painting that I got. It is a beautiful view with a bible verse! It sits on a book stand in my kitchen and I get to see it everyday!


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