Monday, April 15, 2013

Coupon Class this Saturday in Raleigh!

Cut your Grocery Bill in Half!

Coupon Class in Raleigh on Saturday!!
April 20, 9:30-12noon

You asked for it, a Saturday Coupon Class. And here it is!  And get this, this class is normally $20 but this Saturday's class hosted by Raleigh Vineyard is only $5 and a can of food for the food pantry. Raleigh Vineyard  wanted to give a gift to the community and thus cut the price of this class to just $5. So if you have always wanted to take my coupon class, now is the time. This will be my last coupon class until the fall.

I shop for my family of 7 for less than $100 a week (and I still buy diapers!). That is all my family's food, cleaning, and health and beauty products. I shop one grocery store and one drug store only. And for the past 5 years I have been teaching others how to cut their grocery bill in half by using coupon strategically.

Here is what past students are saying about this class:

It means so much to our family that you opened your home to teach thrift and couponing. We are now consistently spending 50% of what we were spending just a few months ago. And that means everything, not just groceries. You've helped us see the light at the end of the maternity leave tunnel. – DH

I've gotten our grocery bill down from $800-$1100 to about $400 -$500 a month. It's been wonderful! Thanks again for your advice and help. -KC

You have helped me tremendously and I am really excited about it. I actually have more peace since your class, about having to quit my weekly job than I did before I knew of a way to save us some money. –CC

Your class has saved my family lots of money. I can't tell you how much these dollars mean to our family budget. It has been a real blessing the way you equipped me with the tools to do this. We have also been able to give freely to the food pantry thanks to your class. Really, your class has made a big difference for us. -BM

Our grocery bill for our family of 4 for this month was only $371. Last month it was $800! My freezer and pantry are well stocked along with a bathroom linen closet. I am very, very encouraged that I can really cut our grocery bill! -SE

The class pays for itself. I made a profit after the first run to the grocery store. –AC

All the details about this class can be found  HERE.

You can also check out my "You Can Shop Like This Too" category on my blog to see pictures of my shops and of past student's shops. These are fun to look at. For example, I was paid $4.89 to take all this out of CVS:

I teach about the drugstores in my coupon class too.

Couponing has enabled me to cut our grocery shopping by about 60%. My goal is to never pay full price for an item again. Let me teach you all I have learned this Saturday!!

If you would like to come, it would be helpful to let me know so I can prepare a folder for you. But if you don't get around to contacting me, then just come. I'd arrive at 9:15am to check in and get settled. Bring $5, a can of food, and a pen!

You really can do this!


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