Friday, April 5, 2013

Lots of Freebies this Coming Week!!

Our Spring Break is winding to an end; school starts back Monday for us. To make the transition a little easier (or perhaps to celebrate. . .lol), here is a list of 4 really good freebies:

1. Free Coffee

Starting Monday, April 8, and continuing through Tax Day, April 15, you can grab a free small cup of Premium Roast McCafe coffee at McDonald's throughout the Triangle. Anytime day or night. No purchase necessary. No coupon required. Just ask for your free coffee.

2. Free Ice Cream

It's Free Cone Day at  Ben and Jerry's on Tues, April 9 from 12-8pm. What flavor will you get? Chunky Monkey? Cookie Dough? Will you get a cone or a cup? This is a global event so find a shop near you here.

3. Free Artist Paint

You can go HERE and request a free sample of Liquitex Spray Paint, Acrylic, or Paint Marker. This would make a fun addition to an artist's Christmas stocking or tied on top of her birthday gift. I have already ordered mine; it's a quick little form to fill out to request the sample.

4. Free Sample of Children's Vitamins

You can request a free sample of Jelly Kids Vitamins by going HERE

As I shared back in February, Anna is going to Guatemala this summer for 2 1/2 weeks. One of the items needed in the area she is going is children's vitamins. So if you do not want these vitamins for your kiddos, would you consider requesting a sample and then giving them to Anna to take down to Guatemala? Especially, those of you I see on a regular basis.


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