Friday, May 17, 2013

An Intentional Mother/Daughter Craft Night: May 31

Mark your calendars for Friday, May 31 because Anna and I are hosting another Mother/Daughter Craft Night!!  We'll be creating this colorful, whimsical felt flower bunting:

This will be a night of creation, fun, and connection, a night made especially for moms and their daughters age 7 and up. Here is a picture of the creative fun from our last Mother/Daughter Craft Night:

The class is from 7-9:15ish and is only $25. That includes all your supplies. 

At this Mother/Daughter Craft Night we will be playing with lots of felt. 

You and your daughter will learn to make felt flowers and then you will combine these felt flowers with felt pompoms and a chalkboard to make a colorful garland of happiness.  

Hang this colorful bunting in your girl's room or from the mantel or out on the deck or use it to decorate for a bday celebration like I did below. Our flower bunting has 16 on it because tomorrow is Anna's 16th birthday. This is my foyer:

Don't worry; even if you don't think you have any artistic ability whatsoever, we will walk you thru each step. You and your daughter will have fun picking out your own colors and creating together. You will leave with a unique, one-of-a-kind finished project that y'all handmade together! Here's the bunting in a different location. You can space the flowers to make the bunting different lengths.

The best part of this class (yes, even better than leaving the clean up to us) is at the end, we will hand you a sheet of questions. The questions are all related to the piece of art you just created and our hope is that these questions will be a springboard for some good, real conversation between you and your daughter.  Here's a picture of a mom and her daughter answering the questions from our last Mother/Daughter Craft Night:

Perhaps you and your daughter can go out for ice cream afterwards and pick 5 questions from the list to ask each other. Or perhaps your daughter can read them out loud on the way home and y'all can talk thru them.

These questions are what make our Craft Night different from any others out there. We want to help you nurture your relationship with your daughter. This is an Intentional Craft Night, so plan on crafting with us and then spending some time connecting with your daughter. Have some fun, but then go open the lines of communication and help prepare your daughter for life. What could be better?

Here's our flower bunting out on the deck. I love the lights with it.

We'll be playing with felt, paint, felt pompoms, twine and more. We'll be designing our own fabric covered buttons. Here's another shot of  the colorful, whimsical piece of art we will be making.

Won't you join us for this special memory-making night? If you are interested in coming, let me know and I will get you and your girl on the class list. I will then let you know where you can send your class fee and registration. Class is limited to the first 12 moms and their daughters.

This is a new class The Intentional Home is offering. Our hope is to offer a new project and new questions every quarter for moms and their daughters. Anna and I are already planning another night for September!!  Contact me here if you want to reserve your spot for Friday, May 31.


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