Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Catching Up: 6 Thoughts


I miss y'all. I have been in the thick of parenting teenagers lately and thus a little too tired for much else.

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It is also May.
Is May not the most packed month of the year? My house and me!! tend to fall apart every single May. I used to go to the doctor every May convinced something was terribly wrong with me. Now I know it is just the end of school year craziness. 

So since it has been a while, I thought I would share a few things that have been rumbling in my head and heart lately:

1.  In 26 days, my kids will be out of school. I am a little scared. I need a summer plan and routine. I think I need to go back and read my post on The Power of a Summer Routine. Do you have a plan of attack yet?

2.  I was listening to Family Life on the radio the other day and this quote by Tommy Nelson, a pastor in Texas has stuck with me. This is what I want to impart to my kids as they start to think about dating.

“If you’re single, your job is to run as hard and as fast toward Jesus as you can. If, while you’re running, you see somebody out of the corner of your eye, running in the same direction and about the same speed, take a second look.” 

If interested, you can listen to the entire broadcast here; it is titled Finding Your Soul Mate. 

3. I really want to do a blog series on Laundry.  I recently made my own laundry stain remover aka Shout or Resolve and I can't wait to share it with you. I am so pleased with its performance. 

I am thinking I really do have 5 days of laundry encouragement, inspiration, and practical tips to share. I mean I do have lots of experience; I do about 12 loads a week. 

Would you be interested in a whole blog series about laundry? What laundry questions do you have? What is your biggest struggle when it comes to laundry? Is there something you do that has been a laundry "lifesaver" that you can share with us? What would you like to read about in this series? You can contact me here.

4. I am in the process of making this:

from County Living
For Mother's Day, Rob and the kids spray painted 3 filing cabinets that I found at the State Surplus Property Agency Warehouse; they were only $15 each. Rob and the kids also got me started on a globe collection. I'll be sure to show you the finished piece when it is done.

This new piece of furniture will go in the rec room and store the boys' trains, our board games and puzzles, and extra blankets and comforters (for cold movie watching nights in the basement and for the kids' sleepovers).

5. New parenting thing is happening in the Soutter household.  Rob and I have always agreed that there should be no tv in the kids' bedrooms. We want to know what they are watching. Plus we want to know how much they are watching. Yet we have allowed laptops and ipods in the kids' rooms which not only give access to facebook, texting, twitter, and instagram but also to tv episodes, netflix, and youtube videos. And that got us thinking, if we do not allow tvs in the kids' rooms, then why are we allowing their ipods in their rooms?

So we have a new rule in the Soutter house. At 8pm, all ipods and laptops have to be out of the kids' rooms and on dad's dresser. Just trying to set some boundaries in this crazy easy access electronic world. On this topic, did you read the Newsweek article, iCrazy?  We read it out loud as a family.

6. Anna and I are preparing for our 2nd Mother/Daughter Craft Night. 

Friday, May 31 from 7pm to 9:15ish, we will be making colorful garlands of happiness. Felt flowers, felt pompoms, twine, fabric covered buttons, mini chalkbaords, and paint are all involved. Here is a sneak peak at some of the colorful fun:

On Friday, I will have a post up with pictures of the craft we will be creating as well as details on how to sign up for this class.

If you want to read about our 1st Mother/Daughter Craft Night, check out this post here. It was such a fun and special night. 

More later. Have an intentional day!


  1. PLEASE do the laundry series! I have three boys and would be very interested in the stain remover you use. I also have a bed wetter. Through the winter, with all the extra blankets, I did 15-17 loads of laundry a week! ANYTHING you can tell me to lighten the load (ha ha!) would be awesome. I doubt I am the only one who has to Climb Mt. Washalot and would like to know tips.

  2. We do the same thing at 8pm.


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