Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bubblegum Girls

We made these Bubblegum Girls at Craft Camp last week. So fun to see how each camper made hers unique. 

And here is a real live Bubblegum Girl.  We chewed pink sparkly gumballs while we created.

This project was inspired by this post over at the blog, Jenni Horne Studios. But Anna I tweaked it to turn the project into mixed media art. Mixed media art, my favorite kind of art to create, is when you use more than one medium (like paint, ink, collage) on a canvas.

My "She was created to be the heartbeat of her home" canvas is a piece of mixed media art. Which by the way, I have heard from several of you that you would like to learn how to make a piece like this for your own home. Should we have a Moms' Night Out and create mixed media house canvases? No daughters allowed this time?

Back to the Bubblegum Girls. . .

We used acrylic paint, real bubbles with food coloring in them (like Pinterest told me to), and confetti to create the background.

We used construction paper to create the face and hair.

We used a flat wooden ball for the bubblegum bubble.

And the most fun part was adding necklaces and earrings and hair bows to the Bubblegum Girls.

Some girls used star buttons as barrettes.

Some added flowers to their Bubblegum Girl's hair.

And one artist added a flower, ribbon headband, and a purple Mohawk.There is always one in every group. Wink.

Anna says she already misses the girls from Craft Camp. This is so her thing. These Craft Camps are how Anna goes to Guatemala every summer, which is even more her thing.  Anna leaves tomorrow morning! I might need a day or two to soak in the fact that she will be gone for 2 1/2 weeks in a foreign country without Rob or me. I'll be back towards the end of the week.


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