Tuesday, June 11, 2013

We can do this. . .a reminder on this first day of summer vacation

It's the first day of summer vacation. The little boys have been up since 6:30, running and wrestling, and making noise at some painful decibel. David got up, quickly made breakfast, left the milk out and the kitchen a mess, cause how dare he miss out on one more minute of early morning fishing. And the girls are still asleep at 10am. And me? I already need the reminder that:

I made this canvas this past weekend during some much needed "away time". It has the 3 sayings I am "known for". These are truths that took me a good 12 years to grasp (more of that story here) and are now the truths I share over and over again in my classes:

You are made to be the heartbeat of your home.

I get to. 

Be intentional.

J and Daniel were fighting this am. And I told J, "Look J, if you start the summer off like this with all this fussing, it is going to be a looooong summer." And he said, "Really? I can make the summer longer?" 

I guess he did not hear the irritation and exhaustion in my voice. I had to explain I meant it is going to be a miserable summer if he fusses like this everyday. J's response is cute and innocent and funny now that I write it out. But this morning I could not even laugh. I mean I had not even washed my face or eaten breakfast yet.

I can do this. You can too. We were made to be the heartbeat of our homes. We create the atmosphere in our homes. We set the tones in our homes and that tone impacts our families and all who enter. And that is not just a responsibility, but an honor and a privilege. We GET to do that. We do not have to do it; we get to do it.

And so I don't HAVE to get up early with my boys or make a healthy breakfast for my kids or train my kids (again!) to put the milk up and clean the kitchen or structure their summer days so my kids are not in front of the tv or ipods all day long. I GET to. I GET to be the one who creates a home for us Soutters.

I GET to create the safest place in all the world for me and my husband and my kids, a place where we feel loved no matter what, a place that we feel at rest and free to be who we really are, a place where we thrive and dare to dream. I GET to do that. You do too.

We can do this. Happy Summer! May it be an intentional one.

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  1. I really needed to hear this this morning! Perfect timing! Thanks for such an important reminder and post!

  2. Great post, great reminder!!

    Thank you and Happy Summer!!

  3. I love your canvas art. What a good reminder of the blessings of home...cheerful, bright, busy, homemade
    Thanks for sharing this little glimpse of your life.


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