Monday, June 10, 2013

I made $2.56 taking all this out of the store!

I just went to Harris Teeter again to do the PG deal I shared about here on Thursday. This time I made $2.56 taking all the below out of the store. You can get all the below for free and make a few dollars by combining sales + coupons +evic coupons+ the 2 catalina promotions going on right now + the mail-in-rebate promotion going on right now. This deal is good til Tues, 6/11. 

So here's the deal. There are 3 P&G promotions going on right now at Harris Teeter. By combining sales + coupons + all 3 P&G promotions, you can get some great deals on P&G hair and oral care products.

The 1st promotion is you get a $5 catalina when you buy $15 of selected oral care products.

So I bought 2 Crest ProHealth Rinses for $4.99 each and 2 Crest 3D toothpastes for $2.99 each. That is a total of $15.96. I then used the 50¢ coupon and the $2/3 coupon from the recent PG insert to bring the total down to $12.96. I also had a evic coupon for 50¢ off one toothpaste and 50☼ off one mouthwash that I had loaded onto my VIC card so that brought the total down to $11.96.  But I got a $5 catalina at the register so really these oral care products cost me $6.96. And just wait it gets better!!

The 2nd promotion is you get a $5 catalina when you buy $15 in select hair products.

So I got 2 Patenes for $7, Vidal Sassoon shampoo for $2.49, and Vidal Sassoon hair dye for $7.99 for a total of $17.48. I used the $4/shampoo and hair dye coupon and the $3/2 Pantene from the recent PG inserts to bring the total down to $10.48. I also loaded a $3/2 Pantene evic coupon and a $2 Vidal Sassoon hair color evic coupon onto my VIC card so that brought the total down to $5.48. But I got a $5 catalina at the register so really I got all these hair products for 48¢. But wait, keep reading, it gets better.

There is a 3rd P&G promotion that when you spend $30 on select P&G products in one transaction (that means it all has to be on one receipt), you get a "catalina" at the register to send in for a $10 prepaid card.  If the below catalina does not print out, you can go here and print off your mal-in-rebate form. Since this $10 prepaid card mail-in-rebate is only good one per household, I filled out my second form in my mom's name and address. Won't that be a nice little surprise in the mail for her.

Now if the above $5 catalinas do not print out, then go to customer service at Harris Teeter (which is always phenomenal!) and tell them the catalinas did not print out. Show them your receip where you did buy $15 of oral care products and $15 of hair productst and the weekly ad that shows you should have gotten $5 back for each and they will give you $10 cash.

So since the above oral care and hair products qualify for this 3rd promotion, I get $10 too.  So $6.96 + 48¢ = $7.44. But I get this $10 prepaid card, so I really got all the below for free and made $2.56!

I have lots of mouthwash and toothpaste to donate to the food pantry this week. Between this PG deal I did twice and the Target deal last month, I have lots to share! Couponing not only blesses my family, but enables me to give so much more than I did before.

You can do this too!!  I'd love to see what you come up with by combining sale + coupons + all 3 of these PG promotions.

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  1. We don't have Harris Teeter here. When I lived in Atlanta there were a few of them & I tried to avoid them b/c they seemed expensive. If I had you shopping with me, it would be a different story! And great for you about sharing both your knowledge of how to get great deals and sharing your haul with others. There are so many people in need. I don't have coupon-genius-talents like you, but I do volunteer painting furniture for a local thrift store that exists to provide financial support for a ministry/school for troubled boys. It is fun to turn a strength or hobby into a way to help others:)


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