Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Mother/Daughter Craft Night #2

This past Friday night, Anna and I hosted our 2nd Mother/Daughter Craft Night! The night was such an intentional one, a night of crafting, and connecting, and nurturing mom and daughter relationships. These nights bring me such joy.

Here are my top 5 reasons I am thankful for Mother/Daughter Craft Night (and lots of pics I thought you would like to see):

#5.  I really, really delight in "researching" ideas, shopping for supplies, and creating the project, taking pictures of the project, and then blogging about the upcoming  night. This planning part is almost as fun as the teaching part for me. I am thankful for "a job" that makes me come alive. This past Friday night we turned this pile of colorful felt:


into lots and lots of flowers. We strung these flowers on twine to make a whimsical garland of happiness, but these flowers could also be used for hair clips or pins or to top off a special package or to embellish a picture frame. So many possibilities. 

#4. I have always whipped out my camera when my house is full of people.  I do not need posed pictures. I just want to capture the energy, the noise, the organized chaos, and the beautiful mess of a full house. 

So when the extended family Christmas party is at my house, I stand back and snap a picture. Or when homegroup is at my house, I run and get my camera. Or when all the neighborhood kids are at my house hanging out in the living room, I try to take a picture without anyone knowing. Craft Night is no exception. 

I am thankful that my house is a house where people congregate. I absolutely LOVE the below picture. It makes me smile.

#3. When I create, I feel more connected to The Creator. Perhaps just one mom or one little girl  feels that too when she is crafting at my house and realizes that art is one way to nourish her soul. I am thankful that these craft nights might awaken that. Ok. . so maybe that is too deep.

But these craft nights do give moms and their little girls a sense of accomplishment. There is a joy in creating something out of nothing. The finished products are always something to be proud of. I am thankful that I get to provide an opportunity for that. Here is one little girl's garland hanging in her bedroom. She was so proud. 

#2. I am thankful that these Mother/Daughter Craft Nights are something Anna and I do together. I am thankful for a 16-year-old daughter that still wants to hang out with her mom and even wants to work beside her mom. Anna and I have learned a lot about each other from working together. A mother/daughter relationship is so different than a coworker relationship. 

We have been able to note what each other's strengths are. Such as, I am really good at thinking up all the details and all the steps, the organization of the evening. Anna is really good at encouraging the girls and building relationships with them. Her focus is always the people. She always gets hugs at the end of the evening. I am thankful that these Craft Nights give me another opportunity to invest in Anna and encourage her in her gifts. I feel like this is training for something even bigger down the road.

I love this selfie picture Anna and I took minutes before the girls and moms arrived. I love that you can see me hugging Anna in the mirror in the background.  And another reason I love this picture is because Anna did my eye makeup that night. It just makes me smile. I mean I was the first one who taught Anna all about mascara and eyeliner and eyeshadow and now she is teaching me new makeup tricks. I am getting all teary-eyed typing that sentence. They do grow up so fast; it is true.

And #1 reason I am thankful for Mother/Daughter Craft Nights is I love providing an opportunity for moms and their daughters to hang out together. I love opening my home and creating a special and memorable night where moms and daughters nurture their relationship. 

The best part of these Mother/Daughter Craft Nights and what makes them different from other art nights around town is, at the end, we hand out a sheet of questions. The questions all relate to the piece of art we create that night. Anna's and my hope is that these questions are a springboard for some good, real conversation between mom and daughter.  

Anna and I know that as daughters get older, it gets harder to communicate with their moms. Our hope is that we provide an easy, natural opportunity for moms and daughters to talk about real, deep things. The questions start off easy, but as you move down the page, the questions become deeper and more difficult to answer. We hope. . just a little bit. . that these Craft Nights provide a foundation for conversations between moms and their daughters as they get older. Kinda like practice for those hard teenage conversations to come.

Here is one email I got from a mom about the Craft Night:

Hi Su- Thank you so much for a lovely evening!  My friend, who I saw again this morning, and I were both commenting what a sweet evening it was with our daughters. My daughter and I talked on the way home, and we even stayed out on the front stoop until we had gone through every last question. This afternoon we hung our creation in her bedroom, and it looks beautiful! Thank you again for organizing such a meaningful evening.

Won't you join us for our next Intentional Mother/Daughter Craft Night? Anna and I have one planned in September and one in November. Each Craft Night is different. Here is a recap of our first Mother/Daughter Craft Night were we painted birds. The one in September is Embroidery Hoop Art and the one in November is a Christmas Canvas. Stay tuned for details and the exact dates.

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  1. I suggest you have a mother-son event for those of us with boys!!!


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