Monday, June 3, 2013

Super Doubles News for HT AND Lowes!

Super Doubles at Harris Teeter is still going on until tomorrow, Tues, 6/4.  

Centsible Saver and Moola Saving Mom both have a new list up with all the new deals that can be gotten with the new coupons that came out this past Sunday.

I got 2 encouraging emails this week. I thought I'd share them with you just so you know you really can do this coupon thing and cut your grocery bill in half!

Here is what Jennifer emailed me:

Hi Su- I haven't been actively couponing for a while - so many dietary restrictions - so I didn't get excited about super doubles. I didn't make a list and I didn't go to the store until today, Saturday.  I used 10 coupons on things that were on my list already and in coupons alone I saved $20.  When you add my VIC savings on top of that, the total savings was $58.50 (total spent $106). It's so worth the 10 minutes I spent looking at these coupons. I feel like not using the Q's is like taking out a twenty dollar bill and throwing it in the trash can.

And here is what Jill emailed me. Jill just took my coupon class in April and look at the success she is already having.

Hi Su- I just wanted to email you so you know your classes make a difference. Here are my totals from Super Doubles: Retail prior to rewards, ecoupons and coupons: $146.58. Cash paid out of pocket: $58!!!

Have you been to Super Doubles at Harris Teeter yet?  How did you do? Got any pictures and totals to share?

And word in blogland is Lowes will be having Super Doubles starting Wed, 6/5.  Moola Saving Mom already has a post up about it here.
I will be sure to share more once Super Doubles has been confirmed and deal lists start popping up. If you stumble across a deal list before me, please let me know.


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