Tuesday, July 16, 2013

One Reason I Send My Kids Outside Everyday

Remember my post, Look What's In Our Back Yard? Well, look what's in our front yard! This is just one reason why I send my kids outside everyday. . .rain, shine, hot, humid, freezing cold. I am so serious. If you are a Soutter kid, you go outside everyday. 

There is nothing better than free, independent, unstructured play. Discovering these beauties is just one of the benefits.

Few things compare to the wonder and curiosity of exploring the outdoors. Right now my boys are outside "hunting" for snakes and frogs. But last week, they were all marveling at how this nest was made.
And then a little time after the discovery of the nest, 4 eggs prettier than any dyed Easter egg appeared.
And then shortly after that, we could hear lots of chirping. Oh what a delight to see this little mouth open waiting for his momma to bring him some food.

No computer, video game, ipod, or tv screen can compete with this.   

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  1. AMEN! so many amazing and wonderful things to discover and enjoy out of doors. thanks for the motivation :)


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