Monday, August 26, 2013

A Prayer for the First Day of School

Dear Lord-

Be close to my kids today. Real close. Let my kids know that as they enter the school building today, they are not alone, but you are beside them. Let my kids know without a doubt that you love them and have a good plan for their life. 

Help my kids sense your presence today and hear your whispers. . .even amidst the noise of their teachers, their classmates, the announcements, the bells. Any anxiety my kids may have, any nervousness, help them to give it to you. Remind them that they can talk to you throughout the day. Fill my kids with your peace today.

Lord, give my kids courage to be who you made them to be. Let them know that in you they are totally complete. Help them not to compare themselves to others. Please secure their identity in you. Give my kids eyes to see themselves as you see them. Give them a boldness to be free, a boldness and courage to not have to be like everyone else. Help my kids to not compromise just so they fit in. Help my kids to not worry about what others think. . .but only worry about what you think. Make my kids leaders in this area.

Lord, give my kids a heart for others. Give them eyes to see others as you see them. Give them a big love for others. Give my kids courage to seek out those who may not have anyone to sit with at lunch or anyone to play with on the playground. Lord, make my kids leaders in this area too. Help them to love others lavishly. Help my kids to get their eyes off themselves and whether or not they look cool. . .and see where you are at work and who you want them to love up on today.  

Lord, give my kids good friends. Friends who they can be real with. Friends who will encourage them. Friends who will not distract them from you. Give them friends who know you and love you and are not afraid to say and live so. Give them friends that will help them be strong. Give them friends who are attracted to what is holy and pure. And Lord, help my kids stay attracted to what is holy and pure and of you.

Lord, help my kids learn. Help them to do well in school. Help my kids to focus and be organized. Give them a good memory. Help my kids communicate well with their teachers. Give my kids motivation to do well in their classes. Lord, give them a vision for their future and what you have planned for them. And show them how school plays a part in that. Help them to set goals. Let my kids know that they have purpose.  

Lord, thank you for my kids. I still can't believe you gave me 5 of them; thank you for trusting me with them. I give all 5 of them to you. I know without a doubt that you love them more than I do. You know what is best for them. You have a good plan for their life.

Lord, I cannot raise these kids. I need you to help me. Give me your wisdom, discernment, insight, and guidance. Give me your strength and patience. Give me your love. Teach me how to pray for my kids. Help me to get really really good at it. Because I know without a doubt that praying for my kids is how I am going to make the biggest impact on their lives.


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  1. Just beautiful. Moved me to tears! Thanks for sharing. Elizabeth P

  2. so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  3. You are such an amazing mother, raising incredible kids with such a positive spirit and true faith! I am so thankful that our kids found eachother, became friends and still love eachother after all these years! I know they will remain friends,regardless of being at different schools...and that, my friend, makes me infinitely happy!

  4. Beautiful! Thank you! -Emily


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