Thursday, August 22, 2013

Melted Crayon Flower Art

Happy, colorful, whimsical art fills my home and makes me smile. I collect it and create it. So teaching the girls at Craft Camp this summer how to make these melted crayon flower canvases was so much fun.

I was glad that my Brooke was a part of Craft Camp because the below is now hanging on my dining room wall.

Since these canvases came out so cute, I thought I would show you how you can make your very own. What a fun craft to do with your daughter or even a few girlfriends! Where are you going to hang yours?

Just a few supplies are needed: 

green crayons (old ones are fine)

canvas (any size, we used an 8x10)

cupcake liners in regular size and mini size (the colorful ones can be found in the Wilton section of a craft store and even Walmart)

colorful buttons

hot glue gun


First you dig thru your old crayon tub and pick out all the shades of green and start peeling off the paper.

Then you hot glue the green crayons onto the bottom of your canvas. We broke some of the crayons so we would have all different lengths of grass. A few crayons we left full length.

Then you start melting the crayons with a hairdryer. You will definitely want to put down a drop cloth because the wax does start flying. It takes a little while to get the crayons to start dripping, but once they start, it is so fun to watch. We did discover that Crayola crayons melt much much better than other brands. So I highly recommend that most of the crayons on your canvas be Crayola ones. 

While the melted crayons are cooling down and setting up, now is the time to make flowers out of cupcake liners. We used this tutorial over at The Seven Year Cottage. Making the flowers out of cupcake liners is like making paper snowflakes. And once you (or your kids) get the hang of it, you will create all different shaped flowers. Just look at all the varieties below. 

Once the campers got the hang of it, they could not stop creating flowers and wanted to make flower garlands to go with their melted crayon flower canvases.  I promise even a 6 year old can make these cupcake liner flowers; don't be intimidated.

After you make a whole pile of colorful flowers, start stacking them and arranging them on your canvas. When you like the placement, glue the cupcake liner flowers to the canvas with a hot glue gun. And then add a colorful button to the middle of each one; a button just adds even more whimsy to this art!

Simply Sweet Home

I intentionally fill my home with art that makes me smile and this melted crayon flower canvas so qualifies. If I do not absolutely love it, I do not hang it on my walls. Why surround yourself with things that you do not love?

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  1. Totally agree about filling your home with things you love! This crayon art is super cute and looks like a lot of fun to make!

  2. What a fun idea! And these turned out so cute! Thanks for linking up with me for Friday Favorites. I'm featuring you this week!

  3. I love this idea! I am going to try this with my playgroup in a few weeks! Thanks for sharing!


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