Tuesday, September 17, 2013

2 x 4 Pumpkins

The charm of 2 x 4 pumpkins is their simplicity. These whimsical pumpkins are perfect as a centerpiece on your dining room table, or as fall decor on your end table or mantel, or even as place cards for your Thanksgiving dinner.

Plaid is launching 2 new products soon: Folk Art Multi Surface Paint and Handmade Charlotte Stencils. Both can be found at Michaels. And both are the perfect supplies needed to make these 2 x 4 pumpkins.

Supplies Needed:

-2 x 4 (and something to cut this with)

-Sandpaper or an Electric Sander

-Folk Art Multi Surface Satin Acrylic Paint: This paint is some crafty goodness because you can use this one paint on many surfaces. This paint works beautifully on paper, wood, fabric, glass, styrofoam, plastic, metal, ceramic, terra cotta, and more. It is dishwasher safe and machine washable. Make sure you read to the bottom of this post for a chance to win 40 colors of this Folk Art Multi Surface paint and a $100 Michaels gift card! The colors I used for my 2 x 4 pumpkins are noted in my directions if you want to use the exact same ones I did, but feel free to choose your own colors.


-Wood Grain Stencil from the Woodland Pack of Handmade Charlotte Stencils (#4370)

- Plaid Spouncers

-A Dry Branch from Outside (and something to cut this with)

-Hot Glue Gun


-Misc. Fall Decor such as leaves, raffia, berries

-Paper Shipping Tag 

-Folk Art Chalk Anything, a clear multi surface coating that turns anything into a chalkboard. I have never seen anything like this and this product has me dreaming up all kind of possibilities.




1. Cut 3 pieces off your 2 x 4. You'll need a block in each of the following sizes: 3 1/2", 6", and 8 1/2" tall. You do not need to be exact. You just want 3 different sizes. Rob did this part for me.

2. Sand all the edges. I used an electric sander to make this go by quicker and I did this part all by myself. I was a little proud of myself.

3. Paint the 2 X4 blocks with Folk Art Multi Surface Satin Acrylic paint in Vivid Orange (or any orange shade you like).

4. Once dry, stencil the wood grain design on top with a different shade of orange paint. I mixed Folk Art Multi Surface Satin Acrylic Paint in Lemon Custard and Magenta to get a pinkish shade of orange. 

The key to crisp neat stenciling is to use a spouncer and "pounce" the paint on, do not wipe or brush. You also want to use a small bit of paint. I dip my spouncer in the paint and then I mush it off on the plate (see the dots above on the paper plate) and then I start stenciling.

5. Once your blocks are completely dry, cut pieces of a dry branch for the stems. I cut them a little long because the ribbon and berries cover a lot of the stem up and I wanted some of the stem peeping out.

6. Hot glue each stem to the top of your orange block.

7. Then add ribbon and fall decor with a hot glue gun. Anything goes. Here's 2 different examples below:

8. If you want to add a tag to your pumpkins (perfect to write names on and then you can use the pumpkins for placecards), you would paint a shipping tag green. I used Citrus Green on some tags and Fresh Cut Grass on others.

9. Once the green paint has dried, paint a coat of Chalk Anything and let dry 1 hour. Then paint a second coat and let this cure for 24 hours. Then rub chalk all over the tag to condition the "chalkboard" and wipe clean. Then you can use your tags as chalkboards.

Oh these pumpkins are so much fun to make! I am thinking of hosting a Mom's Night Out where we make these and talk about fun ways to celebrate Thanksgiving with our families. We could make 3 for a centerpiece and on the tag write "Give Thanks." And then we could make 8 or so little pumpkins to use a placecards. It would be like a Mother/Daughter Craft Night but no daughters this time. Or if we really wanted, we could include our daughters but they tend to me more scared of the glue gun than we are. What do you think? Anyone interested?

Now here's your chance to win a Folk Art Multi Surface prize pack and a $100 Michaels gift card. Check out the Rafflecopter giveaway here.

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Disclosure:This post is sponsored by Plaid Crafts and Blueprint Social, which means I was provided the craft materials and a small payment in exchange for writing this tutorial. However, the opinions in this post are my own. And Folk Art Paint really is my favorite brand of craft paint; it is my top choice for all my projects. If you want to see what the other bloggers in this campaign created, check out the links below:

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