Monday, September 9, 2013

Harris Teeter Triples 9/11-9/17

Harris Teeter periodically triples coupons that have a face value of 99¢ or less. A 25¢ coupon is now worth 75¢. And a 35¢ is now worth $1.05. A 50¢ coupon is worth $1.50 and a 75¢ coupon is worth $2.25 during the week of Triples!!

And starting this Wed, 9/11 is Triples at Harris Teeter. Triples will run Wed, 9/11-Tues, 9/17.

Here are some the deal matchup lists I have found:

Centsible Saver
Southern Savers
Moola Saving Mom
The Smart Shopper

And below are my Top 10 Tips for a Successful HT Triples Shop.

1. Triples starts at 7am on Wed. Even at the 24 hour stores, Triples starts at 7am. See here for more on that.

2. The policy is 20 coupons per day PER HOUSEHOLD. So no more 2 shops at 2 different stores on the same VIC card, or one on your card and one on your hubby's card (that is if they are both linked to the same phone # and address).

3. Remember 3 identical coupons can be used per transaction; just like normal. And only 2 of the exact same INTERNET PRINTABLE coupon can be used per transaction. HT only accepts 2 internet coupons per manufacturer product per visit per day.

4. For you beginners. . don't stress about Triples too much. There are tons of great deals every day of the week with doubles.

5. I go early the first day of Triples in order to get the stuff I really want because I know it will be in stock then. I go at 6:40 and I am in line at 7am when the cash registers start tripling.

6. If you go in expecting that some items will already be gone during Triples, you won't be too disappointed. But most stores are good at restocking, so ask when they expect to have more of the item in.

7. You do not need a raincheck if the item is out of stock; a raincheck guarantees the sale price, not the fact that they will triple a coupon. So in most cases, it is best to just go back later in the week when it is still Triples and pick up the item. My store is usually restocked by Sat am. Ask the manager when they expect to be restocked if they are out of an item.

8. And see this post here for an explanation to the question: Does the strategy of only shopping coupon + sale apply to triples too?

9. The coupons that are 60¢ off 6 items or 75¢ off 2 or something cents off more than one item. . they often do not multiply right during triples. . it multiplies to the full price of one item, instead of the 6 items in the case of the yogurt coupon 75¢/6. Now you can take your receipt to customer service and explain the above to them and they will give you some money back. . but is that worth the time and hassle, perhaps?. . I usually avoid the 60/6 or 75/2 coupons during triples time.

10. Can you use 2 coupons for BOGO items since you are "buying" 2 items? The official HT coupon policy does not say anything about BOGO items.  So the answer should be yes. Each item will ring up 1/2 price and you can use a coupon on each item. I have never had a problem.

The only time I have had a problem is on the B2G3 items. Since B2G3 items ring up as the first 2 items full price and the next 3 as $0.00, you can only use 2 coupons (for the 2 items that actually cost you money). Anyone experience anything different?

Let me know if you have any pointers you would add! And let me know how you do!


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