Thursday, September 12, 2013

How I Am Going to Get Some Free Amazon Merchandise

For at least 3 years now I have had my eye on Z Gallerie's white resin moose head.

I wanted it as soon as it came out.  I knew exactly where I would hang it. And I envisioned at Christmas time either putting a scarf around his neck or hanging ornaments from his antlers.

There was one problem. That moose head costs $250.

So I looked for other options. I scoured etsy. I looked into making my own out of paper mache. I took a day trip to Hobby Lobby after I saw where Becki at the blog Curious Details  bought animal heads from the safari section and spray painted them all white:

But nothing compared to my moose. Over the past 3 years, faux taxidermy has become a decor trend and now faux animal heads are popping up everywhere. Amazon carries them now for about half the price of Z Gallerie. And that is where I got an idea.

Have you heard of Recyclebank?  Recyclebank is a free online program that rewards members for taking green actions. You take quizzes or you pledge to be more environmentally aware or you play games to earn points.

Below is a 48 second video that explains the program (those of you getting this in email or a reader, may need to click the title of my blog post to be taken to my actual blog so you can view the video. .if you are interested).

You can then redeem the points for coupons, gift cards, and merchandise. I have cashed in my points for magazine subscriptions, $15 off $75 purchase Dicks coupons, $10 off $30 purchase Bed Bath and Beyond coupons, $10 off $50 Harris Teeter coupons (no longer available) and now I am saving my points up to get Amazon gift cards!!  

I am going to collect enough Amazon gift cards that I can get my beloved moose head for free!! 1500 points gets you a $5 Amazon gift card. You can order one a month. And Amazon gift cards never expire. So I have 20 months left before I get my moose head. Intentional women are persistent, solution minded, and patient. I am pretty sure I will still want my moose head in 2 years. . even though they will probably no longer be the trend, I hope they are still on Amazon then. Here's a pretty nursery with the moose head:

Now I do not like to spend any more time on the computer than I have to, so playing these games and taking these quizzes on Recyclebank is a weekly chore for my 12 year old. You simply log on to your account, click the Earn Points tab, and start clicking on the opportunities. Our older kids can certainly do that.

If you are interested in signing up for Recyclebank and earning Amazon gift cards so you can get a moose head too (ok, maybe there is something else you want), I would be thankful if you used any one of my links above or this one HERE because you get 25 points for each friend your refer to Recyclebank.

And if you are already on Recyclebank, make sure you check in because there is a new opportunity where you can earn 150 points!! Check out the New Game Plan Earn Opportunity.

And now my questions for you: 

1. For those already on Recyclebank, are there any insider secrets I need to know? Anyway to earn points faster?  

2. Do you have another way that you get free Amazon gift cards? Will you share with me?

3. So about faux taxidermy: do you love it? or leave it? Do any of you actually have a piece in your home? I'd love to see pictures if you do!!


  1. Su,
    Did you know you can also cash in your points from Swagbucks for Amazon GC. You earn points by searching the web. I used my points and just recently got a new electric outdoor grill for FREE as well as my Kindle Fire. Are you on Swagbucks. Check out my FB page.
    Carol Dyer

  2. Good for your persistence! I, however, would TOTALLY PASS on the moose head! My husband would instead insist on a REAL one, and then one would lead to more...ugh!

    Well wishes to u in your pursuit!


  3. Su do you participate with Saving Star? It is on line. You put in your drug store and grocery store reward numbers. The you click on the products they offer. Click on them similar to how you activate HT e coupons. You can buy the products at any of the stores you entered. Through the magic of cyberspace space an Acct of your earnings add up. I have not "cashed in" my money yet. It can go to amazon. pay pal or your bank Acct. There are many items that match up with HT triples right now. I have not gotten rich but have earned about $25 since this summer or spring. As you money.

  4. Thanks for this tip, Su! I have an Amazon wishlist and already spend way too much shopping there, probably. It is just so easy to click on that shopping cart. I would love some free stuff! I bet I have a granddaughter who would love to talk on this project for me. I will be back and click through so you can get some points. Have a great day!

  5. I think I would leave the moose head, but I'm psyked about the Amazon Gift Card tip - I haven't been using my recycle bank points since the HT q's were discontinued. My brother-in-law and husband both love Amazon so GC's make perfect Christmas gifts!!

  6. Hi Su ...
    I was poking around and found the following when I tried to redeem my points for the Amazon gift card on Recyclebank ...

    Sorry, this reward is only available to members who participate in our Home Recycling program.

    Is this also the case for you? If not how did you get around it?

    1. Interesting. . I just cashed in my Recyclebank points for an Amazon gift card on 9/16, so 11 days ago. But you know I remember when we used to get Harris Teeter coupons from Recyclebank and then they changed it so those Harris Teeter coupons were only available to members who participated in their Home Recycling program (which I emailed them about and it is not available in our area). So I wonder if in 11 days they already changed it for the Amazon gift cards. I would keep checking back as the rewards on Recyclebank change often. I am off to check it out. . .

    2. Just checked out Recyclebank's Facebook page (9/27/2013) and saw this:

      "Some of our gift cards are temporarily unavailable but should be back up shortly. Thank you in advance for your patience!"

      So hopefully Amazon gift cards will be available soon. In the meantime, rack up points. It takes 1500 points for a $5 card.

  7. found the same moose head at HomeGoods for $70 just this week

    1. I was just at HomeGoods looking for one. Are you local? If so, what HomeGoods were you at??? I'd love to see it in real life.


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