Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Coupon Class Next Thurs, 10/24

Cut your Grocery Bill in Half!


Coupon Class in Raleigh next Thursday
Thurs, Oct 24 from 7-9pm 

I shop for my family of 7 for less than $100 a week (and I still buy diapers!). That is all my family's food, cleaning, and health and beauty products. I shop one grocery store and one drug store only. And for the past 5 years I have been teaching others how to cut their grocery bill in half by using coupon strategically.

All details about the class as well as what past students are saying about this class, can be found HERE. There is still plenty of openings in this class.

You can also check out my "You Can Shop Like This Too" category on my blog to see pictures of my shops and of past student's shops. These are fun to look at.

Class fee is $20 or $25 for hubby/wife. If you want to come, just contact me and let me know so I can prepare a folder for you and send you directions to my home.

And if any of the below thoughts are going thru your head, think again. We will start the class off by proving all the below false.

1. Couponing takes too much time. False.

2. Generic and store brand items are cheaper than name brand items bought with a coupon. False!!

3.  Walmart, Food Lion, Super Target, or Aldi is cheaper than shopping at Harris Teeter or Kroger or Lowes with coupons. False!!

4. Coupons are always for products I do not buy. False.

5. Coupons do not help the budgets of those who eat mostly organic or do not eat any processed, boxed foods or eat gluten free, etc. False.

I promise all the above are false. Come to my home on Thurs, Oct 24 and learn why. And learn how you really can cut your grocery bill in half. Click here to read my coupon story and see what others have said about this class.

Let me know if you have any questions. I can be contacted here.

You really can cut your grocery bill in half! You can do this! 


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