Wednesday, November 27, 2013

5 Short Stories to Share around the Thanskgiving Table: Pick One

I have been blogging for almost 5 years now and every year during Thanksgiving, I share a story to tell around the Thanksgiving table. These stories are my intentional way to help my family remember that Thanksgiving is so much more than turkey and football and Black Friday deals

Here are the past years' stories for you to check out. Each one is very short, perfect for the attention span of little ones (and some big one too!). And there is no prep involved, simply print out the story and read. Each story title is in color and is clickable and will take you to the story.

a story about the Indian Squanto and how God can take evil and turn it for good

The Story of Matthew Henry Getting Robbed
a perfect example of one who is thankful in all circumstances

a Cherokee legend that teaches that thankfulness is important

a story of God's faithfulness and great goodness to the Pilgrims

5 Kernels of Corn
a story the reminds us of the Pilgrims hardships and the truth that whether we’re struggling through lean times or enjoying abundance, we can trust God’s strength to get us through. 
Happy Thanksgiving! May your celebration be intentional.


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