Monday, January 13, 2014

What Kids Want Most

Happy 2014! I am just now getting back into a rhythm after Christmas break. Have you recovered from, processed, and cleaned up from Christmas yet? Have you settled back into life? My tree and all my decorations are still up and I am just now reflecting on our time together this Christmas. And I thought I would share with you the worst and best Christmas gift under our tree this year.   

Here it is. The best and worst Christmas gift ever. The K'NEX Thrill Rider Supernova Blast Roller Coaster.

The box was filled with 800 tiny pieces. The instruction book was about 40 pages long and had about 100 tiny hard-to-see illustrated steps. I am guessing here because the instruction booklet has been thrown away because we will never,ever put this thing together again. A 7 year old and 9 year old certainly could not put this together by themselves. So Dad had to jump in.  It took 6 hours for Rob and Daniel (J did not last long) to put this thing together. 6 HOURS!

Afterwards, Rob's back hurt and he was so frustrated that he was tempted to get on Amazon and write a review.  He and I went back and forth and laughed at the reviews we would write:

Only buy this toy if you want to subject yourself to hours of torture.
Under no circumstance should you buy this toy unless you want to to endure hours of frustration.
Beware of back pain upon completion.

And then Daniel piped in, oblivious that we were trashing his new toy. He said, "Or you could write:

Buy this toy if you want to spend a lot of hours with your kid."

That shut us up. 

We have heard it before, but children really do spell love. . .T-I-M-E

And so the K'NEX Thrill Rider Supernova Blast Roller Coaster was the worst and best present under the tree. It was a reminder that amidst all the stuff, what our kids want most is our focused time and attention. 


  1. Love this and it is so true. Last night I was busily folding laundry trying to get ready for the week. Yesterday afternoon, my daughter asked me if I would watch tv with her. I told her I was too busy.
    "Doing what?" she asked.
    "I've got to make dinner" I said.
    "Can I talk to you while you do that?" she asked.
    I stopped in my tracks and realized that all she wanted was attention.

    1. "like" :) Thanks for sharing. Made me smile.

  2. Yes! What a great story and reminder. Thx Su!


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