Monday, February 10, 2014

May This Be Us One Day. . .

Because Valentine's Day is sneaking up and because these pictures make my heart smile, I wanted to share them with you.  Oh, may this be us and our husbands one day. . .

found via Pinterest here

When you look around, much of today's society and especially the media, is sending the message that everyone has a poor marriage. . . no one loves their spouse. . . everyone is trapped in matrimony purgatory. . . no husband is faithful. . . no wife is fulfilled. But these pictures speak the opposite. They speak love and joy and commitment and hope. I actually pin these pictures under my Pinterest board called "Nourishment for the Soul."

found on Pinterest here
These pictures make me want to nurture my own marriage. My pastor gave a sermon on marriage recently and he said one way to nurture your marriage is to be intentional about hanging out with other couples who have a good marriage, other married couples who truly enjoy each other.  Hanging out with couples that have a marriage your admire encourages you to nurture your own. Their joy and love is contagious.

this picture was sent to me in one of those forwarded emails
Spending time with couples who love and enjoy each other establishes a new norm. You begin to believe that marriage really is meant to bring joy. . .that marriage really is worth it. . .that marriage is a good thing. You begin to get angry at how our society and the media portrays marriage. 

Here's another picture that was sent to me in one of those forwarded emails, which just shows you what mass appeal they have. We want to see marriages that have lasted, couples who are still in love.

All the above pictures may be posed pictures and may be pictures of hired models, but this last one below is a picture I captured with my own zoom lense. A real life couple. 

See. . something inside me wanted to capture this couple. Just seeing this real life man serving and loving his wife made me smile. And made me lean over and kiss my own husband. Made me fall in love with my own husband all over again.
Oh may this be us and our husbands one day. May we be intentional about nurturing our own marriages and be one of those couples that other couples want to hang out with because our marriage encourages them and makes them fall in love with each other all over again.

I am off to send my husband an "I love you" email. :)


  1. Beautiful husband and I just got back from a marriage encounter weekend! What a great opportunity to focus on each other! Tks for the inspirational pics!

    1. Rob and I went on Engaged Encounter and a Marriage Encounter Weeked (at our 5 year). Both helped us lay good foundations on which to build our marriage.

  2. You GOT me on this one... Tearing up here!!! -Carol


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