Thursday, February 20, 2014

My Harris Teeter Super Doubles Shops

I went to Harris Teeter again this morning and did another Super Doubles shop. Super Doubles is when Harris Teeter doubles coupons with a face value of $2 or under. So $1 coupons are worth $2 and $1.50 coupons are worth $3, and $2 coupons are worth $4 at this coming week's HT Super Doubles!

I got all the below for just $18.19. This should have cost me $97.04.  I saved 81%!

And below is yesterday's shop. You can only do one shop per day because Harris Teeter's policy is that 20 coupons per day PER HOUSEHOLD are doubled.

I got all the below for $12.28. I saved 87%!!

And for those of you who missed this on Facebook, here is how I organize my coupons for a major coupon event like this.

I pull all the coupons I intend to use at Super Doubles and put them in a mini 4x6 photo album. I keep this mini album in the car with me so that I can do multiple shops thruout the week. There are a lot more than just 20 coupons in there. 


Super Doubles is a great time to build your stockpile. Stockpiling is a vital key to lowering your grocery budget. Stockpiling allows you to always be eating food/using health and beauty items that were purchased at the lowest price. This means you will rarely run out of an item and thus you will rarely have to purchase an item at full price.

Back to how I organize my coupons for Super Doubles:

I make sure that I group the coupons together in categories and put them on pages next to each other. For example, the first 6 or so pages of my mini album have all beauty and health coupons in them because that is the first section of the store I hit.  The next session I hit is the frozen foods, so the next 4 or so pages have those coupons. That way I am not flipping back and forth.

I leave the back page of the mini photo album blank. This is where I put all the coupons that I need to hand to the cashier.

You really can shop like this too. If you want to learn all the secrets to cutting your grocery bill in half, you may want to consider coming to my next coupon class on Thursday, March 13. The class will be from 7-9pm at my house. Class is $20 and I guarantee you will make that back in your first trip to the store. Class details and registration can be found HERE.

And one more thing, I'd love to see your Super Doubles pictures and hear your totals!


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