Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Story of Valentine's Day

I love how the holidays provide so many teachable moments with our children. I so enjoy helping our kids understand the reason for specific holidays. In fact, I have a whole section on this blog labeled Holidays.

At the top of my blog, there is a red horizontal bar with pull down tabs. One of those tabs is Holidays and under that tab, each holiday is listed so you can find activities, stories, games, and more to help teach your children the real meaning of each special day.

Valentine's Day is no different; it too provides opportunities to teach our children. Below is the story of why we celebrate Valentine's Day. Perhaps you can share this with your kids at the dinner table tonight.

Valentine's Day is named after a real man who lived a long time ago in Rome. His name was Valentine and he was a Christian priest. At this time, the rulers of Rome demanded everyone to believe in the Roman gods, but Valentine loved Jesus and even told others about Jesus. Valentine was very kind and children loved hanging out with him.

One day the King of Rome made a law that said all young men will be in the army and since men without wives and children make better soldiers, all young men cannot ever get married. Valentine thought this was wrong and tried to help young men and women and even performed weddings in secret.

When the King found out that Valentine was performing weddings and that he was also telling people about Jesus, he put Valentine in jail.

The children who loved Valentine so much were sad and made cards and sent them to him.

Valentine taught the other prisoners in jail about Jesus. And one day, Valentine prayed for a little girl who was blind. This little girl was the jailer's daughter. When Valentine prayed for this little girl, Jesus healed her. The little girl could see!

This made the Roman leaders even angrier and Valentine was ordered to be executed. The night before his execution, Valentine wrote a letter to the little girl and signed it "From Your Valentine."

So Valentine's Day is a day we remember Valentine and we show our love for our family and friends by giving gifts and cards.

After reading this story ask your children:

Why is Valentine worth remembering?

Possible answers: He loved Jesus. He was not scared to tell others about Jesus (even if it meant death). He loved children. He was kind. He believed in marriage.


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