Sunday, July 6, 2014

Crazy Colorful Owls

We made these crazy colorful owls at our June Craft Camp.  We created the outline of these owls by using one unbroken line for the entire drawing. We kept our sharpies in constant contact with the paper.

This type of flowy, swirly, drawing, where you do not pick up your pen and you overlap your lines is called continuous line drawing. It is harder than you think, but oh so fun!

The end result is that that single continuous line creates all kinds of shapes to be colored! Oh, how  I love some whimsical and colorful art.

These crazy owls took a long time to color. This is what the campers worked on if they arrived a little early or they finished a project before everyone else, or they were waiting for their mom to pick them up. By the end of the week, the owls were complete.

I got this idea from one of my favorite artsy blogs, Whatever.  Over there, Meg even has a video where she teaches you how to draw this owl.  You can so do this with your kids.  

When Jonathan and Daniel came home from their own camp  and saw what the girls had created, they too wanted to make one. That is how fun these are!  I bet even YOU would like to do some coloring.  Put this on your summer bucket list. 

We added googly eyes after all the coloring was done.

Did you know googly eyes come in colors now? Some even have eyelashes?  So fun! I have a whole box full of googly eyes. . all sizes, all colors. The campers always laugh at me because I take such delight in my box of googly eyes. .and I always want to add them to our craft projects.  Check out these yellow eyelash eyes:

And one last picture because it makes me smile. And captures the true essence of Craft Camp. . .which is loving on these girls, having real conversations with them, enjoying the process of making something with our hands, and letting each camper know how valuable and special they are.  Every summer, Anna and I can't believe we get to use art to do that.

PS If you and your kids create your own Crazy and Coloful Owls, I sure would love to see pictures. Again, here is the video that shows you how to draw the outline. You can so do this!


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