Monday, August 25, 2014

A Prayer for the First Week of School

Dear Lord-

Be with my kids this first week of school. Let them know they are not alone, but that you are walking the halls of their school with them. Help them give any anxiety and nervousness to you. Remind them that they can talk to you throughout the day. Help them hear your whispers that you love them, that you have a good plan for their life, and that you care about them and this first week of school. Fill my kids with peace this week.

Lord, help my kids not compare themselves to others. Help my kids to not compromise just so they fit in. . .this week and all the days of this school year, their life. Help my kids to not worry about what others think. . .but only worry about what you think. Please secure my kids' identity in you. Give my kids courage and boldness and freedom to be who you made them to be. And let them not hide that. Remind them that they have a unique purpose. Remind them that they are one-of-a-kind. Give my kids eyes to see themselves as you see them. 

And give my kids eyes to see others as you do. Yes Lord, help my kids get their eyes off themselves and give them a heart for others. Give them a big love and compassion for others. Give my kids courage to seek out those who may not have anyone to sit with at lunch or anyone to play with on the playground. And Lord, if that is them, then help my kids be brave and initiate conversation and ask someone if they can sit with them or if they want to play. May new kids feel welcome and may those who do not feel included feel a part because of my kids. Remind my kids that they can make a difference. That they can make someone's day brighter. Oh Lord, make my kids world changers.  . .starting with their school world.

Lord, on that same note, let my kids be an influence on their generation. Would they be leaders, not followers. And would they lead in a positive way. Help my kids stay attracted to what is pure and holy and what is of you. Give them friends who will help them be strong. Give my kids good friends. Give them at least one friend who knows you and loves you and is not afraid to say and live so. Give them at least one friend who will encourage them to pursue you. Watch over my kids Lord. Direct them, guide them, protect them.

Lord, help my kids learn a lot this year. Help them to do well in school. Help my kids to focus and be organized. Give them a good memory. Help my kids communicate well with their teachers. Give my kids motivation to do well in their classes. Lord, give them a vision for their future and what you have planned for them. And show them how school plays a part in that. Help them to set goals. Let my kids know that they have purpose.  

Thank you for my kids, Lord. Thank you for trusting me to raise them even though I am a mess. Give me your wisdom, discernment, insight, and guidance. Give my your strength and patience. Give me your love. Teach me how to pray for my kids and help me get really good at it. Let me never forget that the most powerful impact I will ever have on my kids is when I am in prayer for them. 



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