Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Art Camp!

Last week Anna and I held our first ever one-day Spring Break Art Camp. We had to stay a little more focused and work a little quicker than we normally do in our week-long summer camps because we had to start and finish a project in just 3 hours. I did have to cut snack out on the deck and Anna playing "Would you rather?" and "Amercan Idol Sing Off" with the girls a little short. And we did have to bring out the hairdryer to dry the wet paint, but check out the finish projects:

We were inspired by a piece of art Anna and I found on Pinterest. The girls began their own creations by covering canvases with old dictionary pages and then they added the colorful, whimsical flowers and then the black and white vase to ground it all. Details were added with oil pastels.

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up. Pablo Picasso said that.

And here is proof that the projects we create in our camps are really cool pieces. . .not something that you end up throwing away. Ava's mom sent me the below picture and said that Ava's canvas lights up her room.

And below is another little testimonial about the kind of art we create. This came from a new momma. Her daughter attended our craft camp for the first time last week.
Dear Su and Anna,
Thank you so much! Lily had a wonderful time and is so happy with her artwork! I must say this camp far surpassed my expectations! She has been to a couple other camps like this and came away with junky little crafts that were never enjoyed again. I was thrilled that she came away with actual piece of art! Lily picked out the perfect home for her masterpiece in the playroom, though I really tried to talk her into letting me hang it in my office!  -AJ
I love what I do. I love art. I love color. I love getting messy with all the fun supplies. I love the opportunity to invest in young girls. I love working alongside my daughter. Here is Anna with 2 campers from last year and their owl batiks! That was one fun project.
Pictures from art camp make me smile. I did not take nearly enough last Thursday when we had our one-day camp.  Fortunately, we have THREE!! week-long summer camps coming up. 
The July and August week are already full, but there is still room the week of June 22-26. If you have a special girl in your life between the ages of 7-13 and would like all the details about camp, check out this post here and then contact me. 


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